Pokemon Go has been released July 6th in US, Australia and New Zealand. With a week of playing the game some players have a story to tell that made quite a hit and some it are not just stories, but it broke the news!

Here are what we've found:

Teen killed younger brother whom he thought deleted his Pokemon Go app!

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source: cartelpress

Unless this website is a satire, this is too much of a news eh? Killing your brother just because you thought he deleted your Pokemon? I don't think Niantic and the Pokemon company approve of that and this is probably not what they want other players to engage in. Would you even?

Private house turned into a Poke Gym, owner thinks of his rights and privacy

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source: boonerang - twitter

The owner, Boon Sheridan, lives in an old church and complains that a lot of people are coming over his house for about 5-10 minutes and just drives away. He's concerned that might get the attention of the authorities thinking that there is a drug deal going on.

Who would have thought an old church is his new home? And now, people are flocking to his place! I guess they better update that map soon.

Florida news anchor is not aware that she is already walking on a live weather report!

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source: telegraph

I would've died laughing if I saw that on the news! Just look at her! She's so engrossed in finding that Pokemon somewhere.

Man catches a Pidgey as his wife is giving birth!

Pokemon did say "Gotta catch 'em all!", so it looks like he did what he had to do. Funny, his wife is just cool about it that he caught a Pidgey just when she's in labor.

Good thing they didn't name their son after Pidgey. 

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