Freedom Wars is a big title produced by Sony and developed by Shift - the creators of the God Eater series!

The similarities with God Eater are immediately noticeable. The gameplay feels very similar and controls scheme feels basically the same. You get some heavy giant weapons and move really fast around the screen as an anime character. However, there are some elements exclusive to this game that give Freedom Wars its own style!

Freedom Wars has an unique setting in a dystopic world where you are a criminal from birth, and must fight in impossible missions against other communities. There's an android called "Accessory" who is always observing you and will also help in your missions. You not only customize your protagonist, but can also customize your accessory and make it so it will even say your name!

Much like in God Eater, you will be facing against giant monsters. Those mechanic creatures want to abduct members from your community and you must rescue them. When they are too harmed to walk by themselves, you must carry them until a safe point. You can also count with a special vine-like weapon that works as a grapple hook or sorts and will be very useful in rescue missions and during fights.

The graphics are amazing! One of the best in the system, showing what the Vita can do! The 3D models are very colorful, well-animated and have many facial expressions. The environments are also pretty complex and filled with details!

However, be aware! Freedom Wars was considered to be TOO DIFFICULT even for Japanese hardcore players! The A.I was accused to be unfairly precise and some enemies were just too strong. It seems some patches have fixed those balance problems since then, and the U.S. version made the game even more accessible. But just in case, casual players are better to be prepared, since the game might still be very hard even now!

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