Have you played the visual novel Rewrite on PC? How about the anime adaptation of the game? If you are a fan of both mediums, then you are in luck as VisualArts recently announced that a new Rewrite game, Rewrite: Ignis Memoria, would be published soon on Android and iOS. It is a social strategy RPG wherein you can decorate your own Occult Club Room and battle cute monsters in a chibi battle system.

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The story of Rewrite: Ignis Memoria is generally a "what if" scenario with different stories. If you have played the original game, it consists of several routes wherein each route is vastly different than the other. Rewrite: Ignis Memoria has the same concept since there are 50 original stories just for this mobile game.



Gameplay Details:

Rewrite: Ignis Memoria is a Social Strategy RPG and thus, it has different gameplay features. As mentioned above, this game has a different story since it is a "what if" scenario, so even non-fans can play and enjoy this game. 

It has a housing system wherein you can decorate your own Occult Club Room to make it unique. The RPG aspect of the game is very simple. The characters are chibi and they trigger their skills by using Ignis. Basically, you can create your own play style by experimenting with different skill cards. Once the battle is finished, you can get items or ingredients for crafting items and furniture.


This game is still a Japan-only mobile game, so it may take time before it gets released worldwide. Either way, you can pre-register for an early access or beta access on their website.

Rewrite: Ignis Memoria is set to be released in Japan this winter. However, no announcement has been made for a worldwide release. Hopefully, this game gathers positive feedbacks from fans and players so the game can be published and translated to different languages. 

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