Shadowverse Bloodcarft Overview:

Bloodcraft uses vampires and other nocturnal creatures to suck the blood out of your enemies. This deck is the master of comeback play. Many cards on this deck has unique and powerful abilities which can only be used if Vengeance is active. Vengeance only activates once your leader's defense is 10 or lower.

How to play Bloodcraft and its strengths:

Interestingly, some cards on this deck lower's your leader's defense on purposes to help you unlock Vengeance. Don't worry this can be balanced out with troops that has Drain abilities which will help restore your leader's defense. The key to winning using this deck, is to activate Vengeance as soon as you can and then maintain your leader's defense on 10 HP by utilizing troops with Drain abilities. 

Bloodcraft Weakness:

As always, weakness greatly depends on the card combinations on your deck. You'll have to maintain the 10 defense of your leader in order to take full advantage of your troops. Of course, 10 defense is not really a safe number especially during late stages of the game. Going up against a Forestcraft with Rose Queen or Runecraft with Dimension Shift could end the game in a single turn if you're not careful! You can avoid this by ending the game early on with your direct damages on leaders or with your followers since many cards on Bloodcraft are really strong if Vengeance is active.

Shadowverse Bloodcraft Guide: Card Suggestions:

Queen Vampire: Fanfare: Summon two Forest Bats and give your Forest Bats Ward.

This will pretty much guarantee you Ward units and is especially effective during late stages of the game. I recommend 2 or 3 cards in your deck.

Righteous Devil: Fanfare: Gain Bane and Drain if Vengeance is active for you.

It can take out any troops with a single strike. Yes, even troops with way higher attack than this card because of the Bane effect. Plus it will restore 2 defense on your leader or 4 defense if you evolved this card. Always make sure to drop this card if Vengeance is active. Definitely get 3 of these on your deck.

Soul Dealer: Ward. Fanfare: Deal X damage to your leader.

X equals half your leader's defense, rounded down. Imagine getting this card very early in the game. It's instant activation of Vengeance for you! Gotta be careful playing this card though, it's like a double-edged sword. It can seriously hurt you if you do not have any follow-up card after playing this card. A good example is, to deploy this card on turn 4, yo-u activated Vengeance by doing this then follow it up with 2 Nightmares next turn, Nightmares gain +2/0 if vengeance is active.

You should still be fine since this unit has Ward. This one is optional and it's very subjective if want to include this or not. This works pretty well though, if you want to rush activating Vengeance on very early stages of the game.

Beast Dominator: At the start of your turn, deal 2 damage to your leader if Vengeance is not active for you.

Then give -2/-0 to this follower. This unit's stats is impressive for a 5-play point orb cost especially if Vengeance is active. This card's stats is not bad even without Vengeance and it will help you activate it forcefully as long as you have this card on Field.

Direbond: Countdown (3) Fanfare: Deal 6 damage to your leader.

At the start of your turn, restore 2 defense to your leader and draw a card. Again, it doesn't make much sense to play this card if you're gonna lose all your leader's defense next turn. If you play this card right though, you'll recover that 6 damage in 3 turns.

Temptress Vampire: Fanfare: Deal 5 damage to an enemy. Restore 5 defense to your leader.

This one is a necessity if you want to stage a comeback play. Very useful especially on late stages of the game.

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