Darkness Evolved cards have taken the Shadowverse world by storm. New decks have been built and new strategies have been implemented. Many players experimented on new tactics while some took the eccentric route. Now that a considerable amount of time has passed since then, I think it's safe to say that everything has stabilized. The meta has become clearer and the once unfamiliar deck like the Seraph Havencraft or the Earth Rite Runecraft has now become well known. Having said all that, let's a look at the latest deck rankings based on their theoretical success rate as of the month of December.

Shadowverse Tier List:

S Tier:

2016 12 11 16 11 38 purgatory tempo forestcraft

Tempo/Purgatory Forestcraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/4WdJ1L.

No surprise there. Purgatory Forestcraft is still in the S tier! Don't let it fool you though. There are a lot of new cards in this deck, hence the Tempo. What's great about this deck is the versatility. It can go up against almost any type of deck and still has a high percentage of winning, provided you know what you're doing.

This deck is not easy to maneuver and an error can easily cost you the game.

2016 12 11 16 17 43 storm havencraft

Storm Havencraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/Wv7nNe.

Now this is a nice surprise. Before the new cards came, I considered Havencraft as one of the slowest classes in the game. Well, that's all in the past now. Storm Havencraft is super fast! This deck can score you a match for as early as turn 6 if you have the right cards.

Like any other Aggro archetypes, this deck loses its effectiveness as the match is dragged to late turns, so be sure to deal as much damage as you can to the opponent's leader.

2016 12 11 16 12 34 tempo forestcraft

Tempo Forestcraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/BqurTP.

This is like the simpler version of the Tempo/Purgatory Forestcraft but it doesn't make this deck any weaker. In fact, both decks are about neck to neck if we're keeping tabs. The only difference is that this deck relies solely on Forestcraft's strength. In my opinion, this deck has a little more synergy than that of the Tempo/Purgatory Forestcraft while Tempo/Purgatory has a little more edge and safety during late turns.

The downside of this deck is that it still requires you to play at a high level at all times. You need to be very careful with your play or risk getting utterly defeated because of your misplays.

2016 12 11 16 18 18 elana seraph havencraft

Elana/Seraph Havencraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/KPQYoK.

This deck is sure packs a punch. Thanks to Elana's prayers, this deck got some really strong followers in its arsenal. How does a follower with a 12/10 stats sound?  How was that possible? Spam heal!

I consider this deck as a Mid Range archetype. The good thing about this deck is that you have a high chance of dragging the game against Aggro archetypes because of the massive healing capacity of this deck. What's more, if it gets dragged to late turns, play the Enstatued Seraph to ensure your victory in just a few turns.

I guess the struggle of this deck is against control decks like Spellboost Runecraft, but it's still 50-50 depending on the cards you have during early turns.

2016 12 11 16 18 40 mid range swordcraft

Mid Range Swordcraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/pj4ybk.

Swordcraft is back on the S tier! I guess the arrival of new cards left it scrambling trying to incorporate the new cards from the existing (and already good) Mid Range deck. The modification is slight but it got a lot better, thanks to the key cards that it somewhat lacks from the previous deck.

This deck is tough to beat when it gets going but it still struggles against decks that can remove multiple followers in the field like Themis's Decree.

A Tier:

2016 12 11 16 19 47 aggro shadowcraft

Aggro Shadowcraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/Ivw4BX.

This aggressive deck can deal a lot of direct damage to your opponent's leader. Not many new cards can be found in this deck, but those new cards are the key to getting that win early on!

This deck struggles against deck with many Ward followers like Earth Rite Runecraft.

2016 12 11 16 20 20 face dragoncraft

Face/Discard Dragoncraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/thsii8.

It's hard to create an Aggro Deck on Dragoncraft. It was just not possible. Thankfully, those days are gone. This deck is nasty during early turns, especially if you do not have any spells to counter some of its followers that cannot be attacked. The key here is attacking  the enemy leader directly.

This deck will have a tough time against Control decks but not so much. It all depends on your oppnonent's cards during early turns.

2016 12 11 17 35 52 aggro bloodcraft

Aggro Bloodcraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/ZqZy4P.

This deck is super strong during early turns, especially if you're up first. Things could go haywire pretty fast if your opponent could not remove your followers early on. The goal here is to get your opponent's leader HP to less than 10 then let Razor Claw do the job. Just deal as many damage to your opponent's leader early on and you should be fine.

Because this deck relies too much on low cost cards, dragging the game any longer will only put your deck at a disadvantage.

2016 12 11 18 25 47 royal banner swordcraft

Royal Banner Swordcraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/whT8l5.

This is like the Mid Range Swordcraft but with a different approach. Like you can guess, this deck utilizes Royal Banner as your point of attack. What's great about Royal Banner is that you have a pretty permanent Commander in the field. Pretty permanent because there are cards that can remove amulets in the field but they are rare. Anyway, this is more of an aggressive deck that can end the game during Mid turns.

It will be tough to go against control decks but it can still go in your favor depending on the cards that will be dealt in your hands. 

B Tier:

2016 12 11 17 22 26 spell runecraft

Spell Runecraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/4VZYFN.

Sadly, this deck came crashing down from S tier to B tier. I gotta be honest, the rankings are so neck to neck that B tier decks have a good shot at winning when up against S tier decks depending on the cards in your hands. The problem is reliability. This deck is tough to beat if it has the right cards at the right time but bad draws can make the game impossible to win. 

The strategy is simple: control the amount of damage you receive until Dimension Shift is ready then make a comeback play to end the game. This is easier said than done if luck is not on your side during early turns.

2016 12 11 18 06 09 purgatory runecraft

Purgatory Runecraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/GwRL5A.

The drawing prowess of this deck is off the charts! The goal is pretty similar to Spell Runecraft but with a slight variation. Instead of relying on Dimension Shift, it relies on Path of Purgatory. The key here is to open Path of Purgatory for as fast as you can.

This deck will struggle against Aggro decks especially if you do not have any spells that can kill enemy followers during early turns.

2016 12 11 18 06 49 mid range shadowcraft

Mid Range Shadowcraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/x1JeA8.

This deck utilizes Mordecai the Duelist and Lord of Flies. It stands a pretty good chance against Aggro archetypes since the deck consists of pretty much low cost cards.

The game will be really tough if you're up against a deck that has Banish in its arsenal.

C Tier:

2016 12 11 18 17 47 storm dragoncraft

Storm Dragoncraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/KQRTEX.

This deck takes advantage of the amount of Storm followers available in Dragoncraft. The main advantage of this deck is the amount of play point orbs you can play, thanks to Dragon Oracle and Aeila, Dragon Knight. Genesis Dragon will usually be the finisher but it's still possible to end the game earlier if you have the right cards.

Since it relies on high cost followers, things can get out of hand if you cannot deal with the number of enemy followers in the field during early turns.

2016 12 11 18 37 33 earth rite runecraft

Earth Rite/Pascale Runecraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/8jvEdp.

This deck has the most number of Ward followers in the Shadowverse World. The key to winning is, as you can guess, Sun Oracle Pascale! Its reinforced defense is hard to breach and if you don't deal with those Ward followers, say goodbye to the match because even a single follower can deal huge damage if Pascale is on the field.

Control decks is its main weakness. If you cannot get a single follower survive on the field, even Sun Oracle Pascale cannot give you that win.

2016 12 11 18 39 58 bloody mary bloodcraft

Bloody Mary Bloodcraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/tfiZxd.

This deck specializes on direct damage. Thanks to Bloody Mary, the direct damage it can deal is huge! Combine that with the massive amount of storm followers found in Bloodcraft and you got yourself a pretty good deck that has the potential to end the game even if there's a Ward enemy follower in play.

Although it can go up against Aggro decks and is pretty much Aggro by itself, it's still very dependent to the early cards that you have in your hands, making it unreliable at times.

2016 12 11 18 40 33 tyrant shadowcraft

Tyrant Shadowcraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/wQ5wmE.

Deathly Tyrant was pretty much ignored until the Darkness Evolved cards arrived. Getting 20 shadows really fast is just too tall of a task in a world where Aggro decks are popular. All of that changed because of Midnight Haunt. With the right cards on hand, it can end the match in just 6 turns.

This is one of those decks where combo really matters, making it not so flexible at times.


As with any other card game, every deck has a weakness. The key is utilizing your deck's strength and use it to your advantage to win every match. It is safe to say that Shadowverse is so balanced right now that if each deck go up against each other, you still cannot predict who will win everytime. Use this tier list as a reference into building your own ultimate deck.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment. Have fun with Shadowverse! 

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