In the past month, we have made a list of all the deck types and their ranking based on theoretical winning rate. We have many updates for balance fixes and game consistency since then. Of course, we also had a major update, the Darkness Evolved, which added many new cards.

These cards were no mere additions. They impacted the game so much and gave birth to new strategies and even new decks! With that in mind, let's check the new Shadowverse Deck Tier List for November.

Shadowverse Tier List:

S Tier:

2016 10 29 13 22 54 purgatory forestcraft v2

Purgatory Forestcraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/AUw97H

This deck is retained on the S tier. Still the most versatile deck because of various combos with the help of Nature's Guidance. With the addition of a few Darkness Evolved cards, this deck takes the strategy up a notch and has become an even greater threat even without relying to the Path of Purgatory.

The high level of play required to properly execute your strategy makes this deck a little hard to maneuver. Mistakes after mistakes could cost you the deck especially on early turns.

2016 10 29 13 39 41 tempo forestcraft

Tempo Forestcraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/ebCRzp

This is a new deck developed because of the new cards. This deck is super aggressive and can even become more of a threat at mid game onward. It is especially strong against control decks that relies on spells. 

This deck is strong from early turns to late turns but can be little disadvantageous against a deck with many Storm followers because of its inability to defend especially during early turns.

2016 10 30 03 52 51 spellboost runecraft v2

Spellboost Runecraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/bBJjJv

This deck went up from A tier to S tier. Before the Darkness Evolved cards were presented, this deck is already pretty good. Darkness Evolved cards made this deck a greater threat. Right now, it is arguably the most flexible Control Deck because of its potential to take out multiple followers in play.

The deck can go against any type of decks but bad draws will make the game awry. You will be relying on Spellboosting the cards in your hand and there is just no chance to win if you do not have the card you need to Spellboost. Deploy Merlin for as much as you can to increase your chances in getting the Spellboost cards that you badly need.

2016 10 30 04 18 14 countdown havencraft

Countdown Havencraft V2: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/ZELdhr

This is arguably the fastest deck right now. By fast, I mean you can end the match in 6-7 turns. Darkness Evolved cards gave a huge boost to Havencraft. In fact, the key cards on this deck are the new cards. The countdown amulets in this deck have Storm abilities once summoned. This will give an advantage on chipping your opponent's defense really early in the game. With the help of Winged Sentinel Garuda and Dance of Death, you can deal even more damage to the opponent's leader directly.

As fast as this deck is, it still has a slight disadvantage against a variety of Forestcraft deck, simply because of cards like Pixie Mischief, Nature's Guidance and Rhinoceroach. It all depends as to who controls the field early on.

A Tier:

2016 10 30 04 34 57 elana havencraft

Elana Havencraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/OmF1dV

Another representative from the Havencraft class. This deck is built around Elana's Prayer. Elana Havencraft deck has the capability to boost your followers's attack and defense really high-- so high that you can potentially end the match in a single turn if everything goes well.

This deck relies so much on the followers play on the field. This makes the deck very unfavorable against Control deck of any kind. Try to deploy 3 Elana's Prayer on field to exhaust your opponent's spell and overtake the game by sacrificing a couple of your followers.

2016 10 30 05 50 21 mid range swordcraft

Mid Range Swordcraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/Yd6pCw

This deck went down from S tier to A tier. Although Swordcraft benefited from the new Darkness Evolved cards, it is not as drastic as some of the other classes. Don't let it fool you though. Even if this deck went down a rank, it still has the capability to go head to head against some S tier deck. This is still a great aggressive deck but it sometimes struggles against some decks like Tempo Forestcraft and Elana Havencraft.

Although the deck is really strong from early turns to mid turns, it struggles with other balanced deck with some effective spells. The key is to keep pressuring and damaging your opponent's leader to keep the game away.

2016 10 30 06 34 46 bat bloodcraft

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