Ever wondered if the Shadowverse deck combination you've built is any good? Or maybe having problems building your deck? We scoured the internet and collected the most common deck combinations and sort them by ranking based on their versatility and theoretical success rate from S-tier to C-Tier!

We understand that collecting all the cards needed to create a super strong deck is challenging. This article is aimed to be used as reference for building your deck based on the cards you have and somehow measure the strength of your current Shadowverse deck. Of course, you are free to tweak them to your liking to match your playstyle.

Shadowverse Deck Tier List for November:

S Tier:

2016 09 30 10 46 40 mid range swordcraft

Mid-Range Swordcraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/aQh0fX 

Really good at pressuring your opponent during early turns. It can also finish your opponent really early in the game. This deck is versatile and can still be good even during the late phase of the game.

Although it can finish the game at an early phase, it will be really hard going up against decks that can damage multiple followers such as Themis' Decree and Conflagration.

2016 09 30 10 47 05 purgatory forestcraft

Purgatory Forestcraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/4Oesfq

This deck is arguably the fastest deck that can activate the Path of Purgatory. It has plenty of card removal that can help you prolong the game and has the potential to finish the game even without relying to the Path of Purgatory. It can go up against any type of deck,

Although this deck is the most versatile of them all, the degree of difficulty of playing this deck is high. A few errors on your part could mean game over.

2016 09 30 10 47 25 mid range dragoncraft

Mid-Range Dragoncraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/ljs8rG

This Dragoncraft deck is really strong if the conditions are right. Utilizing followers with Storm can end the game during mid phase of the game. You almost always have an advantage on the number of play point orbs you can play depending on the initial cards on your hand. This results to really strong followers even at turn 3. Once Overflow is activated, you can end the game in 3 or more turn or even earlier.

Although having multiple followers with Storm gives you the advantage of attacking the enemy leader directly and quickly, this Shadowverse deck struggles with decks that have many followers with Ward.

A Tier:

2016 09 30 10 47 50 control bloodcraft

Control Bloodcraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/yVgAxK

This Shadowverse deck has plenty of cards that can remove followers in play. It can clear the enemy field while overwhelming your opponent with sheer number. It's strong against decks that summons plenty of followers.

This deck is weak against deck with lots of Storm followers due to lack of Ward.

2016 09 30 10 48 10 control havencraft

Control Havencraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/o0bVw7

This deck has lots of Banish effects. It is strong against aggressive Shadowverse decks that produces lots of followers. Utilizing the cards that removes followers in play, this deck can take you until late game where you finish off your opponent with the Prince of Darkness.

This deck is weak against direct damages. Although you have lots of banish effects, going up against Purgatory Forestcraft will be hard since it doesn't rely on followers as its winning condition. There is a chance to lose against Spell Runecraft where Dimension Shift can end the game without being able to attack.

2016 09 30 10 48 26 mid range shadowcraft

Mid Range Shadowcraft: Generate the code at https://goo.gl/u1LoL8

This deck has lots of cards that can kill both low-level and high-level followers. You can control the number of enemy followers in play by utilizing the spells. Taking advantage of Death's Breath, this deck has a tendency to reverse a hopeless situation.

Although this deck is pretty versatile, the main finisher is Mordecai the Duelist. Going up against Havencraft with Banish spell will be troublesome.

2016 09 30 10 48 44 spell runecraft

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