For all those fascinated with dragons, this is the best Shadowcraft deck for you! Dragoncraft uses dragon units to overwhelm opponents. Many cards in this deck have high attack and defense and have Overflow abilities. Overflow activates as soon as you have 7 play point orb.

How to play Dragoncraft and its strengths:

You can say that Dragoncraft focuses quality over quantity. Though it's dependent to the deck you built, most good cards on this class are high quality. This means you can play a lot of followers with great attack and defense.

Moreover, once you have 7 play point orb, Overflow activates which in turn lets you use Overflow effects from certain cards. These effects vary from boost damage, Storm, Ward, and other useful abilities. The key to winning with this class is to rush getting those play point orbs, there are followers that can give you extra play point orb, these play point orbs give you the advantage to summon higher cost follower earlier than normal.

Dragoncraft Weakness:

Most cards in this class are really high quality, unfortunately, it has a price.

These high-quality cards usually cost high as well. This will be a challenge during early stages of your Shadowverse match. Of course, depending on your deck, it should be possible to create a good low-cost Dragoncraft deck. Keep in mind though that there many high-cost cards available in this class that can give your opponent a run for their money. Meaning - Dragoncraft is better with high-quality cards.

Shadowverse Dragoncraft Guide: Card Suggestions:

Dark Dragoon Forte: Storm

This follower can't be attacked if Overflow is active for you. In my opinion, whatever deck you come up with, this is a necessary Dragoncraft card. Storm enables you to attack the same turn you summoned this follower. If Overflow is active, they can't even touch this unit aside from casting spells or if you attack this card on another follower which is not the best way to play this card. 

The key to playing this card is to make this your main attacker against your opponent's leader and have the other followers attack the followers your opponent brings to the field. This depends on the situation though. Of course, if you can win by attacking all of your followers directly to your opponent's leader, then by all means, do so. With the quality of followers available in this class, it should be possible.

Dragon Warrior: Evolve: Deal 3 damage to an enemy follower. 

This Dragoncraft Card can help you survive on early stages of the match. Normally during these stages, 3 damage is enough to destroy an opponent's follower, buying you more time to activate your Overflow and deploy high-quality followers. This unit's stats is pretty good as well.

Disaster Dragon: Whenever this follower attacks, gain +2/+0 until the end of the turn. 

At 5 orb cost, this card is a monster. It's essentially 6/5 whenever it attacks. This can fool some of your opponent to miscalculate the incoming damages on your turn.

Wild Hunt: Destroy a damaged enemy follower. 

You cannot overlook this card. All you need to do is to deal any kind of damage to the follower you wish to destroy. Immediately after that, cast this card to destroy that follower. 1 or 2 cards in your deck should be enough and use this during late stages of the game to destroy a nuisance follower with high attack and defense.

Genesis Dragon: Storm. A follower with this kind of stats that can attack the same turn you deployed it. 

What more can you ask for? It should be possible to deploy this card on mid stages if you have plenty of Aiela Dragon Knight and Dragon Oracle on your deck. It's definitely worth the 10 orbs cost and it can pretty much end the game for you.

Blazing Breath: Deal 2 damage to an enemy follower.

A 1 cost card that can help you survive during early stages.

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