Shadowverse Havencraft Overview:

Havencraft summons mythical creatures to smite down your enemies. Havencraft's specialty is the Countdown amulets. These amulets usually summon followers with impressive stats once the Countdown reaches zero. Aside from that, there are a lot of cards in this class that can restore allies' defense.

How to play Havencraft and its strengths:

Havencraft's greatest strength lies with the various Countdown amulets in its arsenal. These countdown amulets are not limited to summoning followers only. Some of them can deal damage to enemy followers or let you draw additional cards. Most Countdown amulets cost way cheaper than the followers they summon. However, they cannot arrive on the field unless the timer reaches zero. To better take advantage of this strength, you want to have cards that can reduce the Countdown timer on your amulets.

Havencraft Deck Weakness:

I cannot stress this enough - The weakness of your Shadowverse deck greatly depends on the cards included on your 40-slots deck. Havencraft's Countdown amulets can be your strength or weakness. It takes a few turns before you can take advantage of them; those few turns might be enough for your opponent to overwhelm you before you can even take advantage of your summoned followers. 

Also, there are some cards that can remove amulets in play. There are not a lot of them but they can still hurt your chances in winning. Have some assortment of followers that you can immediately use to buy time while you're summoning a high-quality card.

Shadowverse Havencraft Guide: Card Suggestions:

Jeanne D'Arc: Fanfare: Deal 2 damage to all enemy followers. Then give +0/+2 to all other allied followers. 

That Fanfare effect is really great especially if you have multiple followers on your field. I wouldn't recommend getting more than 1 of this card in your deck but it's great especially during late stages of the game.

Arch Priestess Laelia: All allied followers deal damage equal to their defense while this follower is in play. 

Works great with Jeanne D'Arc's effect. This card can actually surprise your opponent who rushes on attacking your followers without reading its effect. I mean, it's really tempting to attack a follower with zero attack right?

Moon Al'-Mi'Raj: Storm. At the end of your turn, fully restore this follower's defense. 

This is another great Shadowverse Havencraft card to play with Arch Priestess Laelia. What's even better aside from the Storm ability, is you can perfectly attack this card to followers with less than 5 attacks and still have full defense after your turn. Moreover, your opponent will have to destroy this follower in a single turn, or not at all if they didn't want to waste their effort.

Prism Priest: Fanfare: Put a random Countdown amulet from your deck into your hand. 

As mentioned earlier, most Countdown amulets are capable of summoning high-quality cards at low cost. This will further increase your chances of getting Countdown amulets.

Curate: Fanfare: Restore 5 defense to an ally.

Have at least two of these in your deck. This will give a huge help to your units, especially units with Ward as they will be able to hold out longer.

Blackened Scriptures: Banish an enemy follower with 3 defense or less.

Having 3 of these in your deck increases your chances of surviving on early stages. This is most especially true if you only have Countdown cards on hand.

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