Shadowcraft uses the army of undead to eat up your enemies. Many cards on this deck has Necromancy effects as well as units that can give you extra Shadows upon arrival or death. You will be using Shadows to activate Necromancy effects, these Shadows can also be obtained whenever your follower dies. Let's see what useful cards we can include in our Shadowcraft deck.

How to play Shadowcraft and Its strengths:

Necromancy effects varies from summoning nasty zombies and other undead legion to damaging your opponent's follower or leader. These effects are crucial for winning games using this class. Shadowcraft has the potential to overwhelm your opponent with followers because of the various damaging effects to followers as well as summoning multiple cards in a single turn.

Shadowcraft Deck Weakness:

Again, weaknesses depends largely on the cards you will include on your deck. As mentioned earlier though, using your Shadows efficiently is crucial, mindlessly wasting your Shadows can bite you back during mid game and late game since most follower cards on this deck doesn't have large enough attack and defense compared to other class like Runecraft or Dragoncraft.

Shadowverse Shadowcraft Guide: Card Suggestions:

Cerberus: Fanfare: Put Coco and Mimi into your hand. A unit with 3/3 attack and defense at 5 cost doesn't look much at first glance. However, Coco and Mimi cards are extremely useful. It's like giving you an option to deal 2 damage to an enemy or add +2/+0 if needed or use it on your next turn for a counter.

Mordecai the Duelist: Last Words: Summon a Mordecai the Duelist. I absolutely love this card. Have at least 1 of this card on your deck. This is an insurance that you have a fairly strong follower on the field every single turn unless it got banished.

Death's Breath: Summon three Zombies. Necromancy (6): Give +0/+1 and Ward to allied Zombies. On some deck builds, this Shadowcraft card is an absolute necessity. Why? because of that Ward effect and the +0/+1 buffs which is huge especially when your opponent is going for high quality followers with high attack and defense. This basically buys you time for a counter attack or even overwhelm your opponents with number since they would need to take out these zombies first before they can even lay their hands on you.

Phantom Howl: Necromancy (1): Summon a Ghost. Repeat for remaining shadows or until your area is full. (An area can hold 5 cards.). This will give you a fast and huge attack to your opponent's leader, provided they don't have a follower with Ward. This is especially good during mid to late game, where you will still have enough play points to deploy a follower and this card since Ghost will be out of your field after your turn ends.

Rabbit Necromancer: Last Words: Deal 2 damage to the enemy leader. Having 3 of these on your deck pretty much ensures you 6 damage directly to your opponent's leader. What's even better is it doesn't cost much.

Hell's Unleasher: Last Words: Summon a Lich. What you want out of this card is the Lich, pretty cheap for a 4 cost unit with 4/4 stats plus Hell's Unleasher's stats is 1/1 which will pretty much die quickly right? So that's another shadow added for you.

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