Shadowverse is a new collectible card game which is developed by Cygames. It features very similar gameplay with Hearthstone, but it also innovates some of it to make this game unique and fun on its own.

If you are in the countries that are able to access this game, here are some Shadowverse tips to get you started.

Pick the suitable leader for you:

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In Shadowverse, there are seven available protagonists that you can choose. Each leader has his/her own unique cards and playstyle. You can play their individual stories get familiar with their deck before going to multiplayer and battle other people.

You can be adept in all of them, but you have to master at least one of them to actually compete. You can edit their decks when you get a new card through unpacking card packs or getting rewards from the main story.

Know the use of each cards:

There are 3 types of cards in Shadowverse; these are Followers, Spells, and Amulets.


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Followers are your deck's main unit. They are your main attackers and defenders in a match.

Upper Left Number: This is the required play points to summon your follower. The higher the cost, the stronger the unit.
Lower Left Number: This is the attack points of your unit. This is the amount of damage your follower will deal to the opponent's troops or to his leader's HP.
Lower Right Number: This is the defense or health points of your unit. It is the amount of damage your follower can take before it is destroyed.

These are the numbers you have to check before deploying a follower. They also have unique abilities that can help your strategy in a match.


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Spell cards here in Shadowverse are very similar to a spell card in any card games. They can only be used once as they will be destroyed immediately once you cast them. The number on the upper left is also the requirement for casting the spell. 

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Amulets are basically followers without the attack and defense points. They are support cards that cannot attack nor be attacked. Their abilities are usually increasing other followers' attack and defense points.

Gameplay flow

Now you know the basics of each type of the cards. This time, you will learn how to actually utilize them in an actual match.

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