There's a ton of handheld consoles out there that are fun to play. Wether your a retro gaming fan or a casual gamer looking for a good way to kill some time, there's a console that fits your needs. 

When it comes down to selecting a handheld console we all have to ask ourselves which is the best? Which one has the most games that we want to play available on it? How long is the battery life? And last but still super important. how much does it cost? 

Depending on your answer, one of our top 5 might be just what you are looking for. Top Ten did a special on hand heldconsoles with a very thorough review and explanation of the all the features and functions for their top 5. Although after reading through the list, we have come to agree more with Reddit's community and here's why.

Choosing your handheld console really comes down to your gaming preferences and the type of games you want to play the most as games for the PS Vista and 3DSXL vary greatly. 

Our Top 5 Picks

5. Nintendo DS
4. PSP
3. iPhone
2. Nintendo 3DSXL
1. Playstation Vita

Plus the Vita has PS4 compatibility.

I'd definitely take the Vita over anything else. If I could have two systems, I'd grab the New 3DSXL as well, because it's a pretty decent system too, hampered mainly by Nintendo's awful DRM/eShop/RegionLock policies. Those are actually the two systems that I normally carry around in my pocket. A 3G Vita 1000 with 64gig card (almost full) and a Grey New 3DSXL with a 8gig (almost empty) card. I like the DS, but almost everything you can do on it, you can do on the New 3DS as well. I like the PSP, but there's only about 4-5 games left on my list for it that can't be played on the Vita. (I keep the PSP next to my bed so I can play those boring Gagharv LoH games to help me sleep.) GBA and GBC were good for their day, but I've mostly run out of games for both of them. Tapwave Zodiac was fun when it was new, but the market for it collapsed rather fast. The new systems are my all time best because they not only are great all on their own, but they slurp up all of the best of the old consoles as well. I never picked up the other more esoteric portables like the Lynx, Gamegear, Wonderswan, or NeoGeoPortable. (I don't play much on my phone either.) Edited May 2015 by Unknown

Some very good points to consider when looking at the Vita compared to the 3DSXL.

PS Vita. If it didn't have backwards compatibility, the PSP would come close, but I'd still choose the Vita. I really like the Vita's mix of indies, AAA games and classic titles. Indies and classics are the strong points of its library. The AAA side is rather excellent as well, although certain genres are a bit underrepresented, such as sports games. Hardware & design-wise it's the nicest system ever. Other handheld systems that have been important for me include the aforementioned PSP, Sega Nomad, Turboexpress, Lynx and the original Gameboy.

Even by design wise, the PS Vita wins.

While many traditional gamers might not like it, the iPhone has been used as a gaming console for quite some time. With its beautiful graphics and ease of access, it's clear that mobile games are shifting over to being more iPhone friendly. Not to mention the iPhone and smartphone game market is huge!

Other Popular Opinions To Consider

While I choose the Playstation Vita as the best, I do respect that there are many different opinions out there about the best best handheld consoles of all time, and so we want to mention a few. First let's take a look at Watch Mojo's Top 10 of all time.

This offered some interesting points to consider but greatly overlooked the compatibility of the Vita with the PS4.

We admit smartphone games have come a long way but we are not ready to give up out our portable consoles just yet.

Thanks for checking out our pick for the best handheld gaming console. We'll catch you later and in the meantime we would love to hear from you!

Let us know how you feel about smartphone games or what you would like to see in the future from mobile game developers.

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