Tekken Girls Club

The Tekken Girls Club was created to encourage a female friendly community inside the larger Tekken Community to encourage more ladies to play, cosplay and illustrate Tekken games. Here you can see their 1st event!

The Tekken Girls Club host events and tournaments for members here in Tokyo. Would you like to have one in your country?

Becoming A Memeber

After signing up and getting approved, I received this lovely package in the mail! Needless to say my otaku levels went well over 9,000 with joy!

Also, if that card is not quite your taste, as a member you can get your card changed over. Plus it allows you to back up all your data. Which style suits you the most?

You can check out the official twitter, however everything is only in Japanese for now. But maybe we will get an international Tekken Girls Club, that would be super awesome!

Complete with a twitter and official site the Tekken Girl's Club is creating a community for its lovely female gamers!

Tekken Players X Cosplayers = Epic Cosplays

It is a great privilege today to spotlight a few amazing cosplayers from Tokyo that not only can hold their own in a Tekken tournament, but also pull off stunning Tekken cosplays!  First up on our Tekken list is none other than the talented Official Tekken Cosplayer Yuriko Tiger. She is best known for her Lili cosplays and also made our top 5 list for the best Josie Rizal cosplayers. 

Yuriko Tiger really nailed this cosplay!

Yuriko Tiger is not only beautiful but she's also a total sweetheart. After seeing the article we featured her in, she sent us a full shot from her Josie Rizal cosplay! And wow, oh wow! She looks stunning. Thanks again!

To stay on top of all the super epic cosplays this stunning lady does, please follow her on Twitter.

Cosplaying In The Land Of The Rising Sun

Up next is a rare topic for me to write about, my own cosplay experience. I got my first taste of Tekken way back when Tekken 3 came out but I didn't own a copy until Tekken 4 due to my parents being super strict about what type of games I could play. Yet some how they were okay with Dead or Alive. 

Anyway, once I got my hands on Tekken 4 I couldn't put it down, so my mom came up with a creative way to make me workout in exchange for game time. So cosplaying Tekken really came quite naturally since I had been practice the fighting moves from the games for years.

During a Final Fantasy AC photo shoot everyone on set came to the conclusion that I should cosplay Christie Monteiro since, I was doing all these crazy kicks, but she really doesn't wear enough clothes for me to cosplay her. 

However, when Tekken 7 revealed Katarina Alves, I instantly fell in love with her concept art. Then, when I got to play her, I was so taken by her. Just hands down she is the Tekken character for me and has a special place in my heart. Because of that I put her on my to cosplay list, which meant that I would get to her eventually, but then as fate would have it, a photographer and very good friend of mine ask me to make a Katarina Alves cosplay for the 2015 Tokyo Game Show. At that time it was only 2 weeks away, however, I put my original plans on hold and went full steam ahead to create her costume!

Believe me when I say that the cosplay struggle was real! Only having two weeks to take on a Tekken cosplay sounded like plenty of time until I realized there were not many reference photos to go by. That meant I had make my own by taking screenshots. Well, instead of taking screen shots I ended up down at the arcade playing Tekken 7 for a few more hours than I should have. Then before I knew it I was up all night, the night of the Tokyo Game Show to get it finished in time and that proved to be a nightmare. It's never a good idea to wait until the last minute to work on your cosplay, but you do what you have to do.

For the 1st time at the Tokyo Game Show, I made a few changes to the costume. After all, you can always improve your craft. Also cosplay is about showing your love for your favorite characters, which means you don't have to copy the character 100% unless you want to. For me as an artist, I like to add my own style to my cosplays. If there's something I don't like about the costume I simply alter it.

Then a month later I performed on stage at a cosplay even in Ikebukuro. Shortly after performing on stage as Katarina I got invited to join two other girls who also loved Tekken for a group shoot. I normally don't cosplay the same character so many times, but each time that I've cosplayed Katarina, I've changed it up bit. When I first started making her costume, I used a fan illustration by Dakkuu to help make her costume. After shooting with the other 2 girls, I went back and looked at the fanart again for inspiration. I really liked that the artist gave her lighter and longer hair, and so I decided to go with a long blonde-brown wig to match Dakkuu's art. 

As you can see Dakkuu's art is epic!

Overall cosplaying in Tokyo is a lot of fun because there are cosplay events every weekend and once you sign up for Cure WorldCosplay it's easy to find out about them. There are a lot of affordable cosplay studios. If you go to big cosplay events like the Tokyo Game Show or Comiket, you'll be able to meet lots of cosplay photographers along with some very famous cosplayers as well if you are lucky.

The hardest part about making your own costume in Tokyo is translating what material you are trying to buy. Sometimes even if your Japanese is very good, it can get a little tricky trying to explain why you need rubber cement and not hot glue. But if you meet other cosplayers that make their own costumes, you can go shopping together which is a big help. They can show you all the best supply stores, where to buy 2nd hand costumes, the coolest wig stores, and everything else in-between that you may need.

To sum it all up, cosplaying in Tokyo is an never ending adventure!

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