Platform: Android / iOS
Genre: Action / MOBA
Publisher: Netmarble Games
Developer: Netmarble Monster
Release Date: TBA
Website: http://www.starwarsforcearena.com/en

About Star Wars Force Arena

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Are you a fan of MOBAs, but don't want the problems that go along with a computer? Are you as much of a fan of Star Wars as I am? This game is great for anyone looking to satisfy that Star Wars itch.

Star Wars Force Arena is interesting as it plays like a MOBA. It has the feel of an RPG, with the action-oriented gameplay of a MOBA-type game. The controls take a little getting used to if you are playing on a PC with an emulator.

Other than the slight delays in deployment of units (likely a connection issue), playing on your laptop or desktop setup is fine. Those lucky enough to play on mobile may encounter a handful of issues, but it is nothing that can't be waited out.

The official North American release date is TBA.


More Information

In Star Wars™: Force Arena you will lead a powerful team of iconic Star Wars™ characters into real-time, adrenaline-fueled battles against other players from around the globe!

The battles in Star Wars Force Arena game can be very fast-paced. For those always wanting to see action during battle, it's a very good thing. I don't recommend playing this if you want something you can pause. Take your eye off the screen for a full minute, and you've handed the battle to your opponent.

One of the biggest things for the game in the 2v2 mode. There aren't many mobile games/apps that have the option, but it makes battles more intense. It's always a roll of the dice how skilled your random partner will be. Prizes vary depending on your performance during the battle.

With the app being new and only available in certain markets right now, it's hard to find a decent strategy guide to follow.


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2016 11 29 22 28 23 victory screen


Have You Played This Game?

I have had the privilege of playing this game. I was a little nervous about the game at first, but only because it was the first time I had a MOBA-like experience. There's no official "story" to the game, so if all you want is battles, this is the title for you.

What do you think about the game? Does it sound like something you can get into? Has it been released in your area? Let us know in the comments!

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