Unless you are not reading Mediacraft these past few days, you should know by now that the PC gaming platform Steam is having its annual Winter Sale, and tons of games are on sale.

And with that, if you cannot decide which one to buy, or what to give to someone (yes, you can buy a game on Steam and give it as a "gift" to someone else), then here are Mediacraft's recommendations:

For fans of open world, story rich western RPG: The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

2015 12 24 08 43 06 witcher 3


Discount Price: $29.99 (from $59.99 / 50%)

His beard grows. In real time. BEARD. GROWS. Oh, and there's a vast, beautiful, open world to explore, stuffed with interesting sidequests and amazing graphics, but who cares about that?

Never heard of The Witcher. Bought it Prerelease cause of the hype. Played it.. Loved it... Cry in bed because I finished it... Played it again... Addicted... In Therapy at the moment... They say i will never be happy again... Go Buy It. Now.

For JRPG Fans looking for a new game outside Final Fantasy: Tales of Zestiria

2015 12 24 08 51 28 tales of zestiria 2

source: Bandai Namco

Discount Price: $33.49 (from $49.99 / 33%)

Mikleo keeps cooking me snacks... 10/10 best waifu

Just one question: why do I have to go to bed? Game is amazing, art style is gorgeous, combat is fun and engaging, soundtrack is beautiful, a really good port so far, playing with a X360 controller and haven't enconuntered any bugs so far. Can't wait to go to to bed, wake up, go to work, get out of work, go home and play again. 10/10

For the classic JRPG enthusiasts: Grandia II

2015 12 24 08 57 30 grandia ii

source: GungHo

Discount Price: $9.99 (from $19.99 / 50%)

I am a simple man, I see a classic JRPG, I press buy.

I'm still amazed that such a little bird can carry virtually any enemy in the game but can't carry the main character to escape some lizard men. 10/10.

For history buffs and Gandhi followers: Sid Meier's Civilization V

2015 12 24 09 04 57 civ v

source: Firaxis

Discount Price: $7.49 (from $29.99 / 75%)

Alexander the great insulted my army saying they were ****... I declared war on him... He was right

It's like crack. You keep telling yourself 'just one more turn'. but then you realize you've been sitting in your underwear for for 36 hours and you've forgotten to check on your wife who gave birth to your baby last night.

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