With the release of Street Fighter V came a rain of issues plaguing the game.

From online connectivity to slow matchmaking, it's really a hell of a launch week for Capcom on their most anticipated game.

We look at various communities in the Internet to find what exactly are players experiencing, including their thoughts on all this brouhaha.

(To be fair, while many people are voicing their concerns, some others seem to not see it. We can attribute and infer that maybe they are not yet exploring more of the game's supposed launch features.)

On Twitter:

The microblogging platform is plagued with comments, both good and bad, about the game. From the looks of it, some have just played the game and calling it amazing. Some - however - have been playing it for sometime and found all those bugs to their disappointment.

On Metacritic:

User Reviews at MetaCritic, are also not well - a stark contrast to the official Critics Reviews, as noted by this Twitter user:

This isn't a complete game. Have to be logged in for Single Player. I got kicked off the server in SINGLE PLAYER modes. No arcade. Was lucky enough to get my $65 back from GameStop because the guy felt so bad about my disappointment.

Online mode unplayable, Single player non-existent...THIS NOT WORTH +60 f****** dollars, this is how a company destroy a great game with a great gameplay, GG Capcom.

Not a bad game, just a huge lack of content. HUGE. There`s no way to fight a 3 rounds fight against cpu. NO WAY. Just a survival mode, that is the wort mode in all fighting games. It`s usually the mode that no one play. The Balance and the gameplay is cool, but there`s so little ways to play it. And now Ono (the producer) told on youtube that the story mode that will only come in June will have only 1 to 2 hours long. That`s nothing. No way to tell a good 16 + 6 characters story in 1 hour. Needs more contente. Badly.

It is impossible nowadays to pre-purchase a videogame, because 99% of the times, the games tend to be awful. This is the case of SF5, with no VS IA, no story mode, only 16 characters, and an online game that right at the moment makes the gameplay impossible since 2/3 games you get disconnected from the servers.

On Reddit:

Reddit is also plagued with positive but mostly negative comments about the game:

Considering I was just on Round 28 of Normal Survival and got kicked off and now have too redo this fucking bullshit AGAIN for the like 5th time, no it wasn't fixed. Capcom can go suck on a big one, this is the dumbest shit iv ever had to deal with. I shouldn't be scared of doing Survival because Capcom's Servers were put together with tape or something. Ontop of this Survival = Colors already being the dumbest fucking idea i'v ever heard of. Nice launch Capcom, catering to Tournament scene and releasing it before it was obviously ready really got you somewhere, it's a flaming pile of shit.

But even with all these issues, some redditors still find a way to have lighthearted discussions about the game.

In the thread: I think the funniest part about this launch is, redditors took note of the crazy things and missteps that will make just put your face on your palm:

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