Censorship Overseas

For most people Japanese seem very conservative and humble, but when it comes to censorship they are less then overseas people. Just look at video games. It seems the Japanese are not that embarrassed when it comes to the human body, especial the female body. But since western culture is heavily influenced by religion and have strong Unions defending everyone, censorship is strict. Hypocrites we are, because we wont bat an eye if a persons head get blown off but the censor police will come running in a female part giggles a little to much or a costume is to revealing. As we will see most all the censorship involves the girls of SFV.

R. Mika's Finishing Screen

Here we see the last scene of R. Mika's Finishing move. As we can see, the legs of the opponent are not spread anymore in the overseas version. Was it because players did not want to see male junk so exposed in the screen? Or was it because the censorship did not want to expose so much female parts if the move was performed on a female opponent?

R. Mika's Butt Slap

Yes, no more butt slap, or at least on screen. Well, we probably wont be seeing R. Mika on any leaderboards now.

Cammy's Entrance

The censorship was just a slight camera movement in the entrance of Cammy, but it probably made all the difference to all the Cammy fans out there.

Why The Censorship?

According to Capcom, it is just to make the game playable for the widest of players. To do that they need a "TEEN" rating in the ESRB rating system. If they were to leave those sexy scenes, they would risk losing the "TEEN" rating and thus the game would lose a large portion of their audience.

First and foremost, it's a product still in development, so things get tweaked as we go along. If something could be considered ‘going too far,’ then we might have to scale things back. We work very closely with the ESRB to make sure we're a Teen rated franchise, and that's the primary, driving factor.


Well, there you have it. Will you still buy the game after the changes? Or you really don't care and will still buy the game. I mean if Dead or Alive's boob physics or Tekken's Anna Williams octopus outfit can pass the "TEEN" rating, why can't a simple butt pass?

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