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Awesome Trailer of Street Fighter V. Get Hyped!


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source: Sony Computer Entertainment

Not sure if I would like the style, it looks like it came from a decade ago...

Based on Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia, they had revealed several Street Fighter V PlayStation 4 models exclusively for Japan!

As Street Fighter V will be released in Japan in February 18, the four models will also be available for ¥37,480‎ each:

→PS4 Street Fighter V Edition
→PS4 Street Fighter V Chun-Li and Lara Edition
→PS4 Street Fighter V Ryu Edition
→PS4 Street Fighter V Ryu and Necalli Edition

Each of them includes a Yusuke Murata Street Fighter V PS4 Theme! and they look great!

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source: Capcom

Sadly, this console versions do not include the game at all, which is a total shame.

North America Shop-Exclusive Pre-order Bonuses

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source: Capcom

If you live in the US and pre-ordered Street Fighter V in a retail shop, then you'll probably get an exclusive pre-order bonus!

→GameStop: Battle Costume Ryu
→BEST BUY: Battle Costume Cammy
→AMAZON: Battle Costume M. Bison
→PlayStation Store/PC Digital: Battle Costume Chun-Li

Europe Version

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source: Capcom

Europe will also get its own Street Fighter V bundle with its "Ultimate Player Edition" with 1TB HDD Space, DS4 controller, and a physical copy of Street Fighter V. This is quite different than the Japanese version, as those versions only has the console.

Collector's Edition

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source: Capcom

Lastly, if you think of getting more out of Street Fighter V, or if you are a huge fan of the franchise. Then get the Collector's Edition by all means!

Here's what you should expect if you plan to get it:
→SFV game disc – The standard SFV game disc and case is included in every Collector’s Edition
→10″ fully painted Ryu statue – Meticulously articulated and commanding in stature, the sculpture depicts Ryu preparing for his next battle. The Collector’s Edition packaging is specially windowed as well so that you can see the top half of the statue from the outside
→48 page hardcover artbook – Jam-packed with design sketches and other behind-the-scenes materials that shed light behind the development process of the game
→Code Cards for additional downloadable content – Udon Digital Street Fighter Comics, and a collection of some of Udon’s finest work with the Street Fighter comic series
→SFV Soundtrack Sampler – Curated selection of some of the best tunes from the game
→Twitch One-Month Subscription to Capcom Fighters channel – This bonus is actually included with every standard copy of SFV, and gives a free one-month subscription to the Capcom Fighters channel on Twitch, which grants exclusive access to special Street Fighter chat emoticons, as well as video archive access

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