Nintendo released a remake of the NES Classic (Nintendo Entertainment System) and remade it as the NES Mini as a Western release and even did another remake exclusive to Japan only, the Famicom Mini. Since we're on the topic of remakes, we want a remake for the SNES as a SNES Mini too! Read on to know why:

1. Replay Value

Aside from their 16-bit graphics, the beauty of SNES games reside in their replay value. Unlike most modern games, SNES games do not have the function where you can choose the difficulty level. You can only progress through levels, and the higher the level, the more difficult the tasks or missions. Older games don't coddle you either, unlike today's games. This makes playing the games more fun and challenging.  

2. Cheaper Console

The estimated price for this console would probably be around $60-$100 since it's a remake of the SNES. There's already been a remake for NES which is the Famicom Mini that costs around $60, excluding the price for the controls. That price isn't so bad either, considering gaming consoles such as the XBox 360 and Playstation 4 costing around $300-$600. Although the specs are primitive compared to those two modern consoles, it's still just as fun to play with.

3. Simplicity

The specs for the SNES Mini may be outdated compared to the consoles today, but the games are still fun to play with. It's a nice change of pace from the high definition and high quality graphics from other consoles today. Its 16-bit graphics are a tad simplistic but still fun. The games are easy to play too so the games are fun for those looking for quick plays.

4. Retro Feel

Maybe you're just one of those people that likes to go back to simple times out of nostalgia. Back when games were simplistic but still fun. You also learn to appreciate the advancements of modern technology. SNES games came a long way from blocks of colored boxes to high definition realistic graphics that we have now.

However, despite the high definition capabilities of our technology, there are still many games today that adapt the 8-bit theme and are commonly found on iPhone and Android phone apps. Maybe it's the simplistic nature of the 16-bit games and retro feel to it that attracts people, which is why SNES games are a classic. 

5. Nostalgia

Whether you're a die-hard Nintendo fan or just someone looking for old consoles to appreciate the advances of technology, then this console should be a must. It's also so you can bask in the glory of 16-bit gaming with the SNES Mini. The feeling of staring at your at your TV in the living room, hours upon hours playing with games running on 16-bit graphics paired with 8-bit music feels so nostalgic it brings back memories of a childhood well spent.


There are many other reasons why we'd want one, but the most important thing to note here is that we just do! If you're like me, I wanna relive the days when I would spend hours in our living room just playing Super Mario Bros. and trying to get to the highest level I can. I hope Nintendo would get to doing a remake of the classic console so we can relive the golden days of our childhood.

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