Nintendo just announced that Super Mario Run, released on December 15th, was downloaded 40 million times in just 4 days. The game ranks first in the App Store of more than 140 countries. It has also entered the top ten earners in more than 100 App Store rankings worldwide.

Shigeru Miyamoto spoke about this record

Miyamoto, the creator of Super Mario led the development team for Super Mario Run. In a statement, he said he was delighted that his new Mario Game is something that is accessible to a wide number of people, especially children.

Also, Phill Schiller, senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple, said the following.

Super Mario Run broke the record of the previous App Store and set up an incredible record of more than 40 million downloads in only 4 days. We are enjoying the Northern Kingdom with the people of Nintendo. I would like to congratulate the tens of millions of iOS users.

Super Mario Run can be downloaded from the App Store in more than 150 regions. It costs $9.99 dollars, and can also be downloaded for free, with some limitations. It has three game modes: World Tour, your usual story mode, where you have to rescue Peach from Bowser; Toad Rally, where you compete against other players for toads to grow your kingdom; and Kindom Builder, where you can decorate your kingdom as you see fit. A fourth mode was just released today, in which you can compete without risks of losing your Toads against your friends

What does this means for us?

Suddenly the number 4 is not looking so unlucky after this. Basically, Super Mario Run doing well is great news. It means we will, more than likely, keep seeing Nintendo games in our smartphones. Even though Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem are already announced, there's no reason not to believe that a new Mario game will be published in the future. It will be interesting to see how good the game does on the Android platform when it's released. Also, Nintendo hasn't released the number of players who actually purchased the game. That is an important factor to keep in mind for future Nintendo releases.

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