Platform: Android
Genre: Infinite Runner
Publisher: Onduck Games
Developer: Onduck Games
Release Date: 2016
Website: http://onduck.com/

About Super Plumber Run

Super Mario Run, a popular infinite runner developed by Nintendo, is currently only available to those with Apple devices because the creators of the game were worried that Android's lack of security measures.

In comes Onduck Games to save the day with Super Plumber Run. You'll get the majority of the same elements as Super Mario Run. There are also mushrooms! Since the developers couldn't make the characters look like exact replicas, you get to see a lot of weird versions of devices and enemies.


This is first and foremost a total clone of Super Mario Run. A lot of problems have actually surrounded this particular game. It is said to share so many similarities that it is not allowed to be on Google Play. I tried downloading the game with the BlueStacks App on my pc, but it crashes immediately after opening.

I had considered hunting down an APK to play this game, but there's a lot of suspicion surrounding the game. The copyright infringement is strong with this one, so don't expect it to stay around for much longer. It has already been removed from the market once before.

As much as a person may want to play Super Mario Run, simply buying an iPod Touch can solve the problem. Those devices are probably the most inexpensive of Apple's products and you may still be able to play the legit game.

Super Plumber Run is a fun addictive platform endless running game with a twist


Have You Played This Game?

I have tried downloading and playing this game to no avail. I'm not really sure what's wrong on the Google Play Store, but it's not looking good for Super Plumber Run (could be my device). Play this game on your device while there is still access to it.

Have you played this game yet? What was it like? If you've played Super Mario Run, how does it compare? Let us know in the comments!

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