In a surprising turn of events, the 7th Hokage's excellent Ninja Storm outsold the most-hyped game of February. 

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According to industry sales-tracker firm called the NPD Group, Naruto Shipudden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4's PS4 version outsold Street Fighter V on the platform alone. 

Remember that Naruto was released in PC, Xbox One, and the PS4. Excluding the first 2 platforms, Ninja Storm still outsold Street Fighter V. 

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What's more, Naruto is the best selling game on any single platform, beating out high profile titles like Fire Emblem, Far Cry, and yes - Street Fighter V.

People are comparing it to Street Fighter V for the simple reason that SFV had more marketing and promotional budget. What with tournaments, commercials, etc etc...

2016 03 11 03 53 03 street fighter v cammy

Now, let's have to take note that the NPD group only tracks US retailers, so the numbers do not include digital downloads.

Nintendo is boasting 400,000 Fire Emblem Fates sold. 

2016 03 11 03 51 37 silas fire emblem fates

Also when we combine the sales of games from multiple platforms, Far Cry: Primal is the biggest new game of Ferbruary.

2016 03 11 03 52 17 far cry primal

Still, the biggest issue is Naruto selling the most from any single platform. Proving that the Ninja from Konoha, who is currently its 7th Hokage still has a huge fan base in the US. 

Also, it can also be because Ninja Storm 4 is the game that will take players up to the finale of the series, where Sasuke and Naruto had their ultimate showdown.

2016 03 11 03 48 13 naruto ninja storm 4   4

It also has the most number of characters in any Naruto game. Do you want to play as Gaara? Check! Sarutobi? Check! Obito? He's playable! 

With the Naruto series ending, I wonder if Bandai Namco will continue creating games for the franchise. Who knows, right? After all, Dragon Ball has a new game almost every year.

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