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Here's the English Tier List for the current 4-Star Units available and yet to be available in the SAO Memory Defrag Global! Check the current stand of your units in this handy list brought to you by RockU Mediacraft!

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Each category has been separated. Check the links for the best units in specific fields. Units' descriptions are also added. Access our SAO: Memory Defrag Beginners Guide to view all pages we created. Enjoy!

Important Note:

In this Tier List, we defined the strongest units as S+ Units and the lowest as C-Rank Units. We would like to inform you that the character list is based on the JP Version of the said game. Meaning some of the units here are already in the Global version.

Character names in the list might be changed as we roughly translate some that are included. We will try our best to revamp this list as the global version updates. We ranked the units depending on how we found it useful in the JP Version. 

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This list is created for SAO Memory Defrag Global Users.

SAO: Memory Defrag | 4-Star Tier List:

Rank S+ Units:

• Christmas Edition Asuna

Rapier User. Holy Attribute. CED Asuna can increase her own ATK and movement SPD in a certain extent. She can also heal herself all after casting her SS3. 

• Christmas Edition Yuuki

Single-handed Sword User. Holy Attribute. Just like CED Asuna, CED Yuuki can buff her ATK and movement SPD. Healing herself is also attainable by casting her SS3. CED Yuuki kills enemies through a multi-combo attack.

• Heart of Confront Asuna | OS Asuna

Rapier User. Her SS3 increases her ATK rate and activates auto-heal. Her ulti is like Zekken Yuuki's SS3, the Mother's Rosario. ATK increase awaits if combo reaches 30+

• Wind Gale Dancer Asuna

Rapier User. Wind Attribute. SS3 increases her ATK and movement SPD drastically. Can easily recover MP due to fast movement and ATK speed. Her ulti lets her cast a tornado-like attack damaging all nearby units (AoE).

• Wind Yuki

Single-handed Sword User. Wind Attribute. Almost same with Wind Gale Dancer Asuna's special features. SS3's SPD buff helps her dodge heavy attacks quicker than usual sword users. Can also recover MP faster. Attacks enemies by spinning in mid air.

Rank S Units:

• Augmented Tamer Silica | OS Silica

Dagger User. Her SS3 attacks target(s) by making a chained physical combo with Pina's breath of fire support. This ultimate skill also buffs her ATK rate and provides auto-heal in a short period of time. Her ATK rate increases if her combo reaches 30+.

• Dragon Tamer Silica

Dagger User. DT Silica heals herself and increases ATK rate after casting her SS3. One of the best picks in the early to mid SAOMD versions. In terms of finishing the story mode and helping in different extra quests available.

• Fire Dragon Sinon

Gun User. Fire Attribute. Critically damages monsters by casting her SS3. Her ultimate skill also boosts her ATK and CRT rate at a certain extent. Her ultimate skill forces her to slide behind her target and casts a deadly fireball towards it.

• Halloween Yuki

Rapier User. Dark Attribute. Halloween Yuuki's SS3 lets her cast a bunch of thrust attacks towards her target. It is possible to knock a target down after casting it. Her ulti also heals her HP on average.

• Hero's Return Kirito | OS Kirito

Single-handed Sword User. HR Kirito's SS3 allows him to turn into a Dual-Wielder user casting multiple deadly attacks towards his targets. This skill also helps him to gain the auto-heal feature. It also buffs his ATK rate for a short period of time. This ulti also grants him additional ATK rate once his combo reaches 30+.

• Shinobi Slash Asuna | Ninja Asuna

Rapier User. Dark Attribute. Her SS3 attacks target(s) by casting multiple slashes in a quick manner. This ulti buffs her Crit Rate and Movement Speed for a brief moment. Normal attacks grant extra damage if fighting Holy Units.

• Umbral Flight Yuuki | Ninja Yuuki

Dagger User. Dark Attribute. UF Yuuki's ultimate skill lets her deploy a bunch of shadow-cloned birds towards her target swiftly. This SS3 increases her Crit Rate and Movement SPD in a certain period. Normal attacks give additional damage against Holy Units.

• Valentines 2017 Asuna 

Rapier User. Fire Attribute. Her SS3 decreases the target's defense rate severely. This ultimate skill will help her make extra critical damage later on. Can be used as the team's main or support unit effectively.

Rank A+ Units:

• Born Genius Eugeo
• Christmas 2016 Edition Kirito
• Christmas 2016 Edition Leafa
• Christmas 2016 Edition Lisbeth
• Christmas 2016 Edition Philia
• Christmas 2016 Edition Silica
• Christmas 2016 Edition Sinon
• Christmas 2016 Edition Strea
• Earth Leafa
• Earth Yuki
• Fire Dragon Asuna
• Flower Peach Baby Silica
• Halloween 2016 Edition Asuna
• New Year 2017 Edition Asuna
• New Year 2017 Edition Yuki
• Sea God Asuna
• Sea God Seven
• Valentines 2017 Sinon
• Zekken Yuki

Rank A Units:

• Cheer of Love Asuna
• Dark Dancer Lizbeth | Ninja Lizbeth
• Dragon Caster Silica | Ninja Silica
• Early Spring Dance Argo
• Earth Silica
• Efficient Smith Lizbeth | OS Lizbeth
• Undine Healer Asuna (ALO)
• Fire Dragon Godfly Klein
• Glittering Youth Strea
• Halloween 2016 Edition Kirito
• Halloween 2016 Edition Silica
• Halloween 2016 Edition Sinon
• Integrity Knight Alice
• Lightning Flash Asuna
• New Year 2017 Edition Leafa
• New Year 2017 Edition Lisbeth
• New Year 2017 Edition Silica
• New Year 2017 Edition Sinon
• Premia
• Progressive Gunner Sinon | OS Sinon
• Pudding Rather Than Praise Premiere
• Sea God Rain
• Sea God Yuki
• Star Scientist Seven
• Storm Mage Leafa
• Upgraded Asuna
• Upgraded Kirito
• Upgraded Leafa
• Valentines 2017 Leafa
• Valentines 2017 Silica
• Victorious Girl Sinon
• Void Runner Leafa | Ninja Leafa
• Wind Leafa
• Wind Silica

Rank B Units:

• Angel Cheer Yui
• AR Idol Yuna
• Black Swordsman Kirito
• Concealed Dual Blades Kirito
• Brawny Axeman Agil
• Cool Headed Sniper Sinon
• Cook Asuna
• Earth Lisbeth
• Fairy Blacksmith Lisbeth
• Fairy Dragon Tamer Silica
• Fire Knight Strea
• Fisher Zima
• Furinkazan Klein
• Goddess Of Death Sinon
• Halloween 2016 Leafa
• Halloween 2016 Lisbeth
• Shouting Cheers Silica
• Skill Connect Kirito ALO (Dual Sword)
• Mace Master Lisbeth
• MHCP - 002 Strella
• Multi Wielder Rain
• Night Camisole Silica
• Night Camisole Sinon
• Night Camisole Yuki
• Oni Sinon
• Plant Valkyrie Sinon
• Prestige Vice Commander Asuna
• Titania Asuna
• Treasure Hunter Philia
• Wind Lisbeth

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