Tap Titans 2 is the direct sequel to the hit idle RPG of the same name, Tap Titans, which was developed by Game Hive Studios and released last December 13th of 2016. In this article, we're going to see whether Tap Titans is a worthwhile game to play.

Outside the Game

Looking at the options menu, the game presented a number options to tweak with. In there, one can find toggles for both Sound and Music of which there are only four presets-- Low, Medium, High, and Off. There is also a Notifications toggle that makes it such that the player can opt-out of the frequent out of the game reminders.

Another feature to note in the options menu is the ability to Enable or Disable Level Rounding. Level Rounding is when, instead of only adding multiple levels, the game intelligently rounds the number such that the levels balance out. Last is the ability to change the notation of the numbers that show up in the screen. The player can choose between standard notation, 1k, and scientific notation, 1.0xe3.

What's the same?

The controls of the game are like the original game in such that the main controls revolve around tapping the screen of your character to attack. The faster you tap, the more damage you can dish out.

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The game also has the similar "Hero System" that it had in the first game, wherein the player can hire several heroes that can fight with him against the "Titans". These heroes are also the means for the player to accumulate money whenever the player isn't playing the game.

The game also uses the "Equipment System" that the first game has. In the "Equipment System", the player can get several equipment that can boost the stats of the player's character.

Lastly, the game also carried over the "Prestige System" from the first game. It is a system wherein the player can restart his progress in exchange for powerful artifacts that can increase the stats of the player's character.

What's new?

Tap Titans 2 introduced a new "Pet System" wherein the player can train a pet alongside his character and the heroes he hired. This pet can provide many bonuses for the player, such as added passive damage and new burst skill moves. Another thing to note is that the player can receive new pets at a set interval of two hours.

The game also added a new "Skill Tree System" wherein the player, at certain levels, can gain different skills that can specialize his play style. There are currently many different skills ranging from Pet Focused Skills up to Environment Focused Skills. All can change the way an individual plays the game.

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source: Tap Titans 2

The game also added a new "Clan System" that the players can use to create and join different guilds. To create a guild, you would need to spend "Crystals", the game's premium currency. Joining an existing guild then falls into three things. The three categories are:

- Whether the guild is Private or not

- Clan Code (If the guild is Private)

- Stage Requirements

The privacy setting of the guild determines whether the guild is visible in the guild browser or not. Guilds that aren't found would then need their respective Clan Code to be able to join.

Stage Requirements are the general requirements that an applicant must first meet to be able to join the said Guild. It is important to note as well that Stage Requirements can be set on both Public and Private guilds.

Once in a Guild, the player and his guild mates can then take part in timed quests to kill powerful Titans. These Titans have ten to a hundred times more health than a regular boss monster and the whole guild participating on it would only have sixty seconds per attempt to kill it.

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source: Tap Titans 2

These attempts refresh every hour and the quest would only last for 24 hours. Killing such Titan would then net powerful buffs for the guild, such as increased passive damage for the members and the like.

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