Yesterday, we listed down 5 of the most well-received tracks in the Ace Attorney series.

Now, we're bringing you four fanmade remixes and four covers that will give you the confidence to triumph in the courtroom, no matter how tricky the case is! Give them all a listen and tell us which one suits your taste.

Pursuit ~ Cornered Trance Remix

Using the FL Studio software, video game enthusiast DJ Abner makes trance remixes of his favourite soundtracks. "Ultimate Truth" is just the song you need when you're running out of evidences to present, so you'd rather turn the courtroom into a dance floor than lose the case.

Vintage Detective Gumshoe's Theme Remix

Reminiscent of the detective dramas of the 80's and early 90's, this short-but-sweet old school take on the careless but adorable detective's theme by video game music composer Nick Oleksiak will make you love this character more. Right, pal?

Objection 2001 Eurodance Remix

Who would have thought that the famous "Objection" theme could fit the club scene? If you're a fan of European techno music, you'll definitely enjoy dancing to this remix by an artist called "Yamy" with your favourite men of the law (and... spirit mediums?).

Objection Dubstep Remix

Rock the dance floor--err, I meant, the courtroom with this wicked remix by Ashiris!

Cornered Acapella Cover

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