With an overwhelming number of Ability Cards in Mobius: Final Fantasy to help you reach your main goal of becoming the prophesied "Warrior of Light", it could be quite perplexing for beginners to differentiate which of these to strengthen, and which to simply ignore, sell, or fuse with others. And that's why we'd like to share with you the best Abilities categorised according to Job type.

Note: The information found below are directly translated from Altema's Mobius Final Fantasy Wiki.

Best Abilities For Warrior Type

1. Amazones (Smash/Strong Attack Ability)

Boasting its extreme Fire element power, this Ability strikes twice: first is a single-enemy attack, immediately followed by a strong blow that affects all opponents. It can be used for boss fights and dealing with multiple enemies as well.

Highest Damage: 1320
Highest Break Power: 660
Element Orbs Cost: 6 Fire orbs

2. Ixion and Bahamut (Multiple-Enemy: Weakening Ability)

Abilities that effectively weaken multiple opponents can be used in various occasions. The above cards' break values are high and their offensive damage is relative high as well. Because of this, as well as the fact that they can bestow weakening debuff unto the enemies, they are conveniently used in both boss battles and Auto Mode.

Highest Damage: 540
Highest Break Power: 900
Element Orbs Cost: 4 Water orbs

Highest Damage: 540
Highest Break Power: 900
Element Orbs Cost: 4 Fire orbs

3. Ares (Single-Enemy Ability)

With an outstanding break power, further amplified by its firepower, this single-enemy attack Ability comes next. If you're only considering defeating a boss, this is the go-to Ability.

However, if you're surrounded with multiple opponents, since this card isn't omnipotent, you're better off with an AoE or a multiple-enemy Ability Card.

Highest Damage: 660
Highest Break Power: 540
Element Orbs Cost: 3 Fire orbs

4. Ifrit (Multiple-Enemy Ability)

With a great firepower and the ability to deal damage against multiple enemies, Ifrit is a must-have. Once you've upgraded it into a 5-star card, its element orb cost will decline, allowing for better usability.

Even if it has a relatively low Break value, it's good for Auto Mode, where opponents can easily be defeated by mere firepower.

Highest Damage: 720
Highest Break Power: 360
Element Orb Cost: 4 Fire orbs

5. Bodyguard and Poseidon (Single-Enemy: Weakening Ability)

If you compare single-enemy (weakening debuff) Abilities to those of multiple-enemy (weakening debuff), you'd think that the former is weaker, but when you're faced with a seemingly indestructible enemy with high HP, the latter isn't suitable as it will also weaken the opponents that you aren't targeting, so there's a high chance that your target may resist the debuff.

This is why for situations as mentioned above (which will become more often as your level increases), it's best to use a single-attack weakening debuff Ability.

Highest Damage: 450
Highest Break Power: 750
Element Orb Cost: 3 Fire orbs

Highest Damage: 450
Highest Break Power: 750
Element Orb Cost: 3 Water orbs

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