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With the current limited number of cards at our disposal, it is difficult to make a unique overpowered deck that stands out from the rest. But with our help, you will have some of the best decks that can be built with the current cards available.

A lot of these Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links decks do use SR and UR cards, but like a true duelist, you can work your way around that and use substitute cards that you do have. Once you get those cards or you think another card works better, fell free to change it up.

Update! More Decks at the end of the article!

Standard Power Deck:

These are some of the most powerful level four normal monsters currently in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. So why not use them to your advantage? The deck consists of just overpowering your opponent with sheer force. Use your powerful level 4 cards and other spell and trap cards to power up even more. Here is the deck list:

Axe Raider - 3
Battle Ox - 3
Bazoo the Soul-Eater - 2
Sphere Kuriboh - 2
Riryoku - 2
Enemy Controller - 2
Wonder Balloons - 2
Twister - 2
MetalMorph - 2

This deck only contains Super Rare and Ultra Rare cards, so obtaining two or three of each card can take you a long time. You can substitute other cards for others that have a similar effect, such as Curse of Aging or Banner of Courage for MetalMorph or Wonder Balloons.

Rex Raptor's Thunder Dragons:

In this deck, you use Rex Raptor's Skill called "Dinosaur Kingdom" to help boost your dinosaur monsters attack even more. The deck consists of:

Sphere Kuriboh - 1
Thunder Dragon  - 3
Mad Sword Beast - 1
Crawling Dragon #2 - 2 
Two-Headed King Rex - 2
Riryoku - 2
Twister - 2
Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou - 2
Fusion - 2
Reinforcements - 3
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon - 1
Bracchio-Raidus  - 2 

The key to victory using this deck is to get your either of your fusion cards out, powering up, and destroying your opponent's monsters.

Power of Dark Deck:

This deck consists of powering up your fiends and spellcasters to defeat your opponent. The deck consists of the following cards:

Element Doom - 3
Arsenal Summoner
- 3
Element Magician
- 3
Blue Dragon Summoner 
- 2
Judge Man 
- 1
- 2
Wonder Wand 
- 2
- 2
Magic Jammer 
- 2

You use a combination of your skill "Power of Dark" and using the effects of the element monsters and your wind monsters to attack twice in a row.

Super Fast Fusion Thunder Dragon:

In this deck, you can summon Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon in no time flat. It is a super fast fusion deck. You can either use Seto Kaiba's skill "Peak Performance" or Bandit Keith's skill "Switheroo". The deck consists of:

Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon - 3
Skull Red Bird
- 3
Faith Bird
- 3
Sphere Kuriboh
- 2
- 2
- 2
Wicked-Breaking Flamberge - Baou
- 2
- 2
Quill Pen of Gulldos - 
Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon
- 1
Crimson Sunbird - 
The key to this deck is to fusion summon your Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon as soon as possible and overpower your opponents. If you don't have some cards, then you can substitute other cards that have similar effects. For example:Sphere Kuriboh --> Enemy Controller, Riryoku --> Reinforcements etc.

Now that the new box "Age of Discovery" came out, it will be interesting to see what new decks will come out of this. New box means more new cards and more crazy combinations never before thought of. Things are going to get a lot more interesting. Happy Dueling!

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