Mobius: Final Fantasy Job List / Classes:

Mobius: Final Fantasy features 4 Job Classes that all cards fall into. 

- Warrior: High DEF and ATK

- Ranger: Medium ATK, DEF, MAGIC, but high CRITICAL ATK

- Mage: High MAGIC ATK, but Low DEF and HP

- Monk: Can use the abilities of other Jobs so this varies by card

Which Mobius: Final Fantasy Job Class is the Best?

In Mobius Final Fantasy, there is a growing list of Jobs under each Job Class. Is there one that is the best out of all the Jobs?

To be honest it really depends on which Job you enjoy playing as: if you prefer to play as a Warrior, then the current most raved about card would the Knight of the Goddess (Lightning), but personally I prefer the Mercenary of Balaam (Squall) because I loved Squall in FF8 more so than Lightning. 

The Knight of the Goddess Card is an SS Rank while the Mercenary of Balaam is S Rank. Both of these cards are high ranking; however, it is easy to see which one will be more powerful.

If playing as a Mage is more up your alley, then I would focus on developing that Job Class the most and leveling up your favorite Job cards for it first. It can take a while to save up enough Skill Seeds, so please keep that in mind.

Try playing as each Job and then focus on the Class you liked the most. 

The Strongest Job Cards in Mobius: Final Fantasy as of July:

SS Rank

Leader of Hope (Mage)

Hero of Fortitude (Monk)

Thief of Tantalus (Ranger)

Knight of the Goddess (Warrior)

S Rank

1. Last Hunter (Ranger)
2. Judge Master (Ranger)
3. Highwind (Warrior)
4. Demon/Necromancer/Faust (Mage)
5. Strategist (Mage)
6. Rogue (Ranger)
7. Mercenary of Balaam (Warrior)
8. Tonberry Mascot/Kigurumi Tonberry (Mage)
9. Wizard (Monk)
10. Grappler (Monk)

Each card was evaluated based on HP, DEF, ATK, MAG, Break, and Critical Hit ability. If you manage to get any one of these cards, rejoice! It will take a while to max it out but it will be worth it.

Number 1 Mobius Final Fantasy Jobs Per Category:

Now we are going to look at the top 3 Job Cards at their Max levels to see which ones rank the highest for ATK, HP, DEF, MAGIC, and BREAK, so you can build the best decks.

Mobius Final Fantasy Highest Attack Power (At Level 200):

Fill 300 300 2016 11 17 06 22 17 15139635 638181763010144 530565617 n

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