Phantom of the Kill is a mobile strategy RPG on the veins of Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, and even Disgaea. It has been taking the world by storm. Check out some details here:

The Best Phantom of the Kill Cosplay:

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Dempagumi.Inc, a Japanese idol group from none other than Akihabara announced their collaboration with Fuji&Gumi Games the producers of Phantom of the Kill on the last day of the Tokyo Game Show back in 2014. 

They showed up in full cosplay of the characters from Phantom of the Kill, and they nailed it!

#1『ファントム オブ キル』ゲーム実況~前編~(公式)

At the 2014 Tokyo Game Show, these songstresses pulled out all the stops to wow the crowds with their impeccable Phantom of the Kill cosplays!

On top of doing an amazing job at the Tokyo Game Show, these divas had gone on to do collaboration CMs and even a super epic music video that we just had to include down below!

Phantom of the Kill Live Action

Once again they did an amazing job for this CM.! Phantom of the Truth PV:

Download Phantom of the Kill:

This game so far has received positive feedback from the gaming community and rightfully so. From unique gameplay to wonderfully design characters there's something to love for all types of gamers.

Even if you are not big on mobile games go ahead and give this one a try, it will be worth it.

For those of you who would like to try this game, check out the link on Android and iPhone below!

For Android users click here!

Okay, iOS gamers click here to get Phantom of the Kill!

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