So many people are now getting into the development field thanks to Pokemon Go. A new type of app, known as a Pokemon Go calculator, is making it easier for users to make decisions pertaining to their Pokemon within Pokemon Go. It should now be easier to decide whether certain creatures are worth evolving, and which should simply be let go.

The Basics

The Pokemon Go calculators work much like a normal calculator. It actually multiplies what the possible CP of your creatures will be once evolved. It is worth noting, though, that CP appears to be dependent on the level of individual trainers. That means that the higher level your trainer is, the higher your possible capacity after evolving.

List of Pokemon Go Calculators

Here are some calculators that can help out with your decisions in regard to keeping Pokemon or letting them go:


Out of the first few calculators I found, I would have to say this is my favorite. It took a bit of time to understand it, but once I did it was a very good 'app' for deciding which are the best to keep and/or let go.

This website contains a wonderful CP calculator that shows a player the average CP, minimum CP, and maximum CP possible for any creature after evolving. Using this makes it so much easier to decide the line-up for your creature inventory.

Pokego.org also contains on the website an IV (Individual Value) calculator. In the above image, you can see percentages for CP for All Stats, Attack and Defense, and Stamina. If you aren't familiar with percetages, here's the breakdown of the numbers:

22.8% of 100 Charmander encountered for a Level 20 trainer, will have the same stats as a Charmander with a CP of 200. Out of those same 100 creatures, only 17.5% will share the same Attack and Defense. For HP rating, 33.3% of those encountered will have the same HP (Stamina) rating.

Simple, right?


This is a pretty awesome website. It's got a couple of different calculators and tips for Pokemon Go players. With the exception of the slightly buggy IV calculator, it has these multiple options that seem to work just fine:

Trainer Gear - This sections recommends real-world gear for Go players to take on their adventures. 

Pidgey Spam - Named after the most common Pokemon in the game, you choose the following in seperate fields:

- Species of Pokemon
- How many of that species you are transferring/not transfering
- And how many candies you want to contribute to that species

After inputting the info, you are given information that does tells you the following:

- How many Charmander you will have evolved and how many candies are being used
- How many you'll be able to evolve, and amount of XP you earn
- How many have been transferred, the number of Charmanders you have after, how many candies are left over

Evolution Calculator - gives you a minimum, maximum, and average CP of specific Pokemon after evolution

P.E.C. at Producthunt.com

This is a relatively simple calculator, known as the Pokemon Evolution Calculator. This is another app that calculates the possible CP after a Pokemon's evolution. The creator says he is confident in his product, as he's sourced the data from hundreds of trainers and evolutions. You can find it at the link below:


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