How to play Shadowverse Swordcraft Decks:

Erika, the class leader for the Swordcraft relies on officers and commander as the core of her attacks.

Units on this deck can be classified into two, the Officers and Commanders. In general, Commanders give buffs like additional attack and defense to other allied units or Officers.

Swordcraft Officers, on the other hand, have various abilities like Ambush or Storm. Also, some of them have the ability to summon other officers to the field upon arrival. In my opinion, Swordcraft is the way to go if you want to have a competitive deck without needing too much legendary cards. Unlike the Fairies on the Forestcraft deck, the low-cost troops on this deck can be very fatal,  thanks to the various buffs you can get from your Commander troops.

Shadowverse Swordcraft Deck Weakness:

Swordcraft's signature is the availability of low-cost troops which are very efficient and can be really explosive because of the various buffs from the Commander troops. This is really great since you can swarm your opponent with mutiple troops early in the game. 

However, this can be really challenging late in the game. Low-cost troops mean lower damage output, even with the attack boost from your Commanders, you'll be hard pressed taking down high-cost units with high attack and defense. You want to take your opponent down before that happens since going up against these troops means sacrificing multiple troops of yours in exchange.

Shadowverse Swordcraft Deck Tips:

Card Suggestion:

As mentioned earlier, Swordcraft mostly consists of cost-effective troops to swarm your opponent. Don't get me wrong, Swordcraft is quite versatile. Depending on your deck build, you can win on either early game, mid game or even late game. This means that you are not stuck on relying with your low-cost troops as there are also many great cards available on Swordcraft that can fare well late game. Whether you decide to go aggressive early in the game or win mid or late game, here are some cards that can help you out:

Front Lines: At the end of your turn, give +1/+0 to a random allied Officer. Pretty much like the Well of Destiny at half the cost. Your opponent will have to destroy your troops really quickly since not doing so will be really dangerous especially without a Ward troop.

Pompous Princess: Fanfare: Put a random 1-play point follower from your deck into play. Increase the number of your troops even more.

Snippy Gardener: Fanfare: Gain +1/+1 if an allied Commander is in play. Well aside from the potential other buffs it can get with other Commanders, I wonder how many boost you can get on this card.

Cursed General: Whenever an allied Officer comes into play, give it Storm. Summon lots of units then attack right away.

White General: Fanfare: Give +2/+0 to an allied Officer. At 4 cost with that +2 on top of your card damage early in a game could really hurt.

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