In a discreet blog post posted on Square Enix's website last December 7th, titled "Announcing Free Updates for Final Fantasy XV". Hajime Tabata, the game director of Final Fantasy XV, outlined several key points about what direction the said game is going to take in the next weeks, months, and years. It was categorized into three distinct goals: Short-term, Medium-term, and Long-term. All them being free aside from a few DLCs that they've announced beforehand.

Short-Term Goals

Tabata stated that the primary goal for the development team right now is to "enrich certain aspects of the game", focusing on the gameplay elements surrounding Chapter 13. He also stated that the team will focus on buffing certain mechanics such as Ring Magic and more. Though specifics of said buffs and tweaks will, he said, be announced at a later date.

Medium-Term Goals

Another goal that the development team is aiming for is the addition of elements that would give the story more depth. This was seen before as lacking by several critiques and review sources. By putting in additional story scenes. Tabata aims to solve this problem and stated in the blog post that:

[...] adding scenes that will give you new insight into character motivations, such as why Ravus walked the path he did.

He also mentioned in the blog post that these changes will be behind the short-term updates. As it would need for those parts to be then again localized and voiced. But he assured that there will be future details on the addition of the said story elements.

Long-Term Goals

Tabata also stated in the blog post that one of their long-term goals is on making certain key non-playable characters playable. Though he hasn't mentioned any specific characters that players will be able to play. From there, he also stated that another goal that they're setting is the "possibility of customizable avatars". At this point, it is not clear whether these "customizable avatars" are for the playable characters or for the upcoming new set of characters.

Will Aranea be a playable character in the future?

Aside from that, Tabata also stated the possibility of adding a New Game+ mode for the players who've already cleared the game. This mode would be like the initial playthrough but with difficult enemies and bosses. He also hinted at the possibility of an alternative game mode in the form of "low-level dungeon runs" and "god mode runs". They are also thinking of new bosses, items, and rewards that will change the way players play the game.

Free Updates and Paid DLC

Tabata also mentioned that the goals mentioned above are all free updates for the players to enjoy. But he also mentioned that the development team is also working on a set of paid DLCs that were all announced before. These includes:

- FFXV Holiday Pack (tentative name)

- FFXV Booster Pack (tentative name)

- FFXV Episode Gladiolus (tentative name)

- FFXV Episode Ignis (tentative name)

- FFXV Episode Prompto (tentative name)

- FFXV Expansion Pack: Comrades (tentative name)

The future is bright for Final Fantasy XV, with the developers adding different tweaks and changes on the existing content while adding some brand new ones. There is no doubt that the developers are intending to increase the longevity of the game by introducing new game modes after the initial play through; may that be a New Game+ mode, new playable characters or a slew of new items, enemies , nd bosses. Indeed, players of Final Fantasy XV will still be busy with the new updates rolling in the next months.

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