It's the middle of the week and I know you're all stressed and are probably dragging your bodies to the weekend. Why not let these dashing Perfect World cosplayers revive you and give you strength to last for another two days? You won't need a Cleric to cast you buffs and heal your wounds when you've got these amazing, refreshing, creative folks to give you the push you need to get through the week!


If a mermaid like this welcomed you to a dangerous island as soon as you reached its shore, what would you do? (Please do let us know if you own this cosplay!)


Alina Skazkina, better known as Sweet Frost, hails from Russia and does an ethereal take on PW's Archer class.


Elegant French cosplayer Mucha wows us in this breathtaking rendition of the Earthguard race.


Perfect World cosplay: Werefox

Nightnike, a.k.a. Nikoletta, from Russia shows her wild side as a cutesy Werefox!


Russian artist Katerinich exhibits his inner growling tiger in this body and face paint cosplay.


Ion Fortuna from Russia spreads her wings as a Perfect World Prist.

Celebrity Cosplay

Chinese actress, model and singer Liu Yi Fei stars in this collection of Perfect World cosplays.

There's no denying that even if it's been 11 years since the game was first released, Perfect World will continue to be one of the most beautiful MMORPGs ever made. The cosplays above are proof enough!

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The Eternal Otome. An impassioned dreamer who enjoys listening (and singing) to Fallout music while shooting arrows with Vilkas.

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