Thailand's Anucha Saengchart, or as the internet knows him "Cosplay Guy" knows how to make it count when creating unique takes on cosplay. From dressing up like popular Anime icons, or reenacting pop-culture hits, this man uses common household items and a whole lot of imagination to extraordinary lengths. While some may denounce his style as ridiculous, there's no denying Anucha has since become a trendsetter in his own right, and launched a new breed of thrifty costumers. 

You can find more of Anucha's works on his Facebook page, @Lowcostcosplay.

Celebs And Movie Icons

From the upcoming film "Suicide Squad", Cosplay Guy has his take on Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie.

To be honest, I don't even know what this is. I faintly recall a 2009 duct-tape clothing fad, but I don't think this is what they had in mind. And if you think -this- is painful, think about the tape -after- it was removed. Ouch!

His take on X-Men's Quicksilver has all of us wondering: where do you get that hair color?

Speaking of X-Men, here's Cyclops. The most expensive thing in his ensemble is the controller. Be honest - We've all done this before.

Anime And Games

If you're over the Overwatch hype as I am, this is pretty ingenious. Using birthday cake candles with badminton birdies, and a little digital magic, he was able to recreate the wings. And with the duct-tape sleeves, who wouldn't mistake him as a real-life superhero?

I've seen lots of make-up tutorials, but never did I think to use foundation on your.... hands? Here's one way to get Anime eyes - just cover them with paper. You probably shouldn't drive while wearing these, though.

Is.... That sushi... On the toilet?! And THEN you put it on your face?! Okay. No. I draw the line here. Food goes -in- your face, not -on- it. I'm pretty sure there are easier ways to make masks anyway...

This one is pretty clever. Using negative filters (and a lot of black marker) Cosplay Guy has managed to pull off an impressive look-alike. Why use make-up, when markers are so much cheaper?

Final Thoughts

There's plenty more where that came from, and Cosplay Guy isn't done yet! Be sure to follow him for more recent works, and perhaps you'll glean some inspiration from him as well. Be you disgusted or impressed, you can't deny that there's a simple kind of humor in his photos, and a can-do attitude that I think we should all take when exploring the world of cosplay. Be who you want to be, and do it your way - That's what cosplay is all about. 

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