Visions. In Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, warriors from different worlds and dimensions can be summoned to help you on your quest. They will grant you their powers and fight along by your side in battle. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius has an impressive ever growing list of Visions that you can summon in the game, but which Visions are the strongest? 

To help you know which ones you want to keep and Awaken to their highest star level here's a list of the 5 strongest characters by category.

We will be creating an article for each category soon!

Note: All information is from the Japanese version of Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius. 

Strongest Characters Based on Category:

Best Physical Attacker: Lightning

Originally appeared in: Final Fantasy XIII, Points: 100/100

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Lightning Characteristics

- Can Self-learn Dual Wield
- Fire/Ice/Thunder 3 Element Attack
- Number of attacks 5. (10 with Dual Wield)

Lightning is only obtainable as a 5 Star Rare Summon but can be Awakened to 6 Stars.

Best Esper to equip: Ramuh

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Best Magic Damager: Ace

Originally Appeared in: FF Type-0, Points: 92/100

Brave Exvius Ace Abilities

- Top Class Magic
- Quickly learns powerful magic attacks
- Self-Recovers MP

Ace is only obtainable as a 5 Star Rare Summon but can be Awakened to 6 Stars.

Best Esper to Equip: Ramuh

Best in Recovery: Tirith

Original Game: Brave Frontier, Points: 90/100

Tirith Capabilities

- Cure all party members
- Celestial Light- 40% increase strength, magic point and abilities for all party members.
- Rainbow Veil- 40% increase defense against all elements for all party members.

Tirith is obtainable from the Rare Summons. 4 or 5 Stars only during special events. 

Best Esper to equip: Golem

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