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Visions. In Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, warriors from different worlds and dimensions can be summoned to help you on your quest. They will grant you their powers and fight along by your side in battle. Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius has an impressive growing list of units you can summon in the game, but which Visions are the strongest? 

To help you know which ones you want to keep and Awaken to their highest star level here's a list of the 5 strongest characters by category.

FFBE Tierlist:

Best Physical Attacker: Olive

2017 03 07 10 44 36 ffbe olive

Olive has attacks that are even stronger than the ones that can be dished out by dual wielders. Her "TrueShot" has a 500% Atk modifier while "Mortar Beacon" has 1000% Attack Modifier everytime it is triggered.

Best Magic Damager: Dark Fina

2017 03 07 10 48 42 ffbe dark fina

Dark Fina has access to -Ga spells immediately from the get-go. She has immunity to all ailments and has elemental coverage that other mages like Exdeath simply lack. If you have a mage, you will want someone who can cast them all, and Dark Fina can do it.

Best Healer: Refia

2017 03 07 10 53 39 ffbe refia

Refia can revive your units and heal them completely in the process! It's the best revive ever. Not to mention, she has "embolden". "Embolden" is like "Cheer" but the former boosts your ATK and DEF more than the former. Refia is simply built as a healer through and through.

Best Support: Marie

2017 03 07 11 03 29 ffbe marie

Marie has access to important Bar- skills to boost your resistance. Furthermore, she can deal status ailments on her own, more than how much other units can do. Her final ability "Love You All" will increase you and your units' resistance to ALL elements. No need to farm to get equippable Baraerora!!

Best Tanker: Cecil

2017 03 07 11 10 26 ffbe cecil

We choose Cecil as the best Tanker simply because of his incredible HP, Defense, and chance to protect an ally. Furthermore, he can support the team with his other abilities, making him one of the best all around Support and Tanker unit in the game.

Old Tier List after this line:

Best Physical Attacker: Lightning:

Originally appeared in: Final Fantasy XIII, Points: 100/100

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Lightning Characteristics

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