Starting them off young. Because once you are an operator you are always an operator.

Bro!? Do you even operate? Probably not... but at least you look a little more legit than this guy ↓↓↓↓↓

What are you going to do with your costume after the show? Well you could always wear it while playing (and for extra added realism be sure to keep a can of Monster within reach)!

So if you don't have your own German Shepherd the next best thing is to don a costume and impersonate one of the more versatile and cuddly characters in the Ghosts gaming experience.

This costume looks like it took a lot of work and a lot of money to put together! An EOD bomb tech with an M240G, certainly not something you see everyday.

These guys put together a great photoshoot of their Ghost costumes in some realistic locations. This is my favorite photo!

Don't have time to put together your own costume before the big event? No problem there are plenty of places you can pick up pre-made Ghost gear, for a price....

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