There's no denying that the Final Fantasy franchise gets the award for the "most attractive characters" in the history of gaming. From the very first game released way back 1987, Square Enix's keen attention to detail in creating graphics is truly admirable. It seems that beauty is an indispensable attribute among the series' games, and, it's difficult to ignore the fact that even the male characters are more "beautiful" than "cool".

Because of these characters' good looks and charm, many Final Fantasy fans have either dreamed of having Rinoa (Final Fantasy VIII) as their girlfriend or wished they'd be as pretty as Rikku (Final Fantasy X). But it's not only their cute smiles, flowing tresses, and silky smooth skin that make FF girls amazing. Here are ten heroines that aren't just eye candies! 

10. Aerith (Final Fantasy VII)

There isn't a fan of the franchise that is oblivious to the tragic story of this "flower girl". In her lifetime, she is viewed as the "healing" type--always there to lend a hand and cheer you up. But, she is also quite outspoken, independent, and isn't someone to turn away from peril and troubled times.

Though dubbed as a "Mary Sue" due to her seeming flawlessness, Aerith's optimism can be considered her major strength, and it's what earned her a place on our top 10.

9. Yuna (Final Fantasy X)

Though you might think this gal's just a dress and a voice, gameplay-wise Yuna is actually quite skilled in magic.

Yuna's physical stats are low, but her [] Magic, Magic Defense, Evasion and Agility are high.

Some of you may argue that she is the typical "damsel in distress" since the game's primary objective is to protect her until she reaches her goal. However, Yuna's motivation and selflessness are evident throughout the game. She chooses to stay true to her role as a Summoner, sacrificing her romance with Tidus.

In Final Fantasy X-2, she learns to value her needs more and has become more outspoken and adventurous.

8. Garnet (Final Fantasy IX)

This sheltered princess may be shunned due to her naivety, and self-deprecating tendencies, but Garnet's quick-thinking makes up for her lack of experience. In the latter part of the game, she grows up to be bold and strong-willed.

I mean... a 15-year-old girl who runs away with a gang of thieves deserves a lot of points for her bravery!

7. Yuffie (Final Fantasy VII)

Despite Yuffie's cheerfulness, she is one of the franchise's most underrated characters, perhaps due to the inability of her actions to impact the plot in any way. However, she serves as the only ray of hope in an utterly depressing story filled to the brim with miserable characters. Can you imagine FF7 without this loud and proud chick?

6. Rydia (Final Fantasy IV)

A man who's partly responsible for the death of your mother stands before you. What would you do? You'd probably lash out at him in anger the very second you see a glimpse of him. But Rydia's actions are not driven by sadness due to her losses. Her strength lies in her ability to forgive and see the good in everyone.

Her growth is also one of the reasons why she's among the most prominent female characters in the series. Throughout the game, she matures as a confident, powerful Summoner, overcoming her fear of fire caused by her childhood trauma.

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