Update! Onwards Alola!

As Ash Ketchum leaves Kalos and heads for Alola, we revisit this article for a more comprehensive list of every Pokemon Ash has caught in the Pokemon World!

Ash started his journey in the Pokemon world to become a Pokemon Master who will catch all the Pokemon out there. But as we can remember, up until this day, Ash still has not collect all. What with newer Pokemon introduced every generation, his task is becoming daunting day by day.

I also wonder why Ash is not ageing.

So to sum it all up, we decided to check every anime season of the Pokemon series. From there, we gathered all Pokemon that Ash collected.

Okay! Let’s go! 

If you wonder why some evolutions are listed as another number instead of being bundled to its starter Pokemon, this is because we count this depending on each Pokemon season. Naturally, a Pokemon evolving on the next season is considered another Pokemon in our list.

Season 1 - Pokemon: Indigo League

01. Pikachu

02. Caterpie - Metapod - Butterfree

05. Pidgeotto - Pidgeot

07. Bulbasaur

08. Charmander - Charmeleon - Charizard

11. Squirtle

12. Krabby - Kingler

14. Raticate

15. Primeape

16. Muk

17. Tauros

Pokemon Adventures in the Orange Islands

18. Lapras

19. Snorlax

20. Krabby

21. Pidgeot

Pokemon Johto Journeys

22. Heracross

23. Chikorita

24. Cyndaquil 

25. Totodile

26. Noctowl

Pokemon: Johto League Champions

27. Beedrill

28. Bayleef

Pokemon: Master Quest

29. Phanpy

Pokemon Advanced

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