Since 1996, Pokemon has been a world-wide phenomenon in video games, trading cards, animation and yes - music. With soundtracks from original movies, singles from the Anime and new fan-made material, Pokemon has become a genre of its own. So, it just makes sense to complete your Pokemon GO repertoire with some Poke-themed music! Indulge your ears and your nostalgia in our ultimate playlist.

Music In Anime

Original Pokemon Theme Singer Jason Paige In Studio Full Theme

What's a Pokemon playlist without the original theme song? Paige gets back into the studio for a newly remastered version, just for Pokemon GO players.

Team Rocket - Double Trouble

From the original Anime, here comes everyone's favorite infamous duo, Team Rocket. If you're feeling a little dastardly, this is the song for you.

Pokemon - 2.B.A. Master #10 - "Together Forever" by J. P. Hartmann

More Pikachu's Jukebox favorites! Celebrate friendship with this classic 90's song with voice-overs from the Anime by the original English voices of Ash, Misty and Brock.

Pokemon 2.B.A. Master #5 - "My Best Friends" by Michael Walen

Train with your Pokemon to be the best while you travel with your best friends! Win or lose, you'll always have each other.

The Slowpoke Song

Chill out and go slow with the Reggae Slowpoke song!

If you were a fan of Season Two, here's a playlist just for you! Totally Pokemon features music from the Johto region and beyond, and includes catchy pop hits, sure to keep you moving to the sound of your own beat. From the theme song to salsa-inspired Pikachu (I Choose You), everyone can appreciate something from this album. 

Hoenn Saga documents the third season of Anime, and includes music found in the background of select episodes, including the Elite Four theme, and the theme music for discovering Wild Pokemon. 

Music In Movies

Don't forget about all the memorable moments from the Pokemon movies. Relive them again on your favorite music player while playing Pokemon GO, or just relaxing from a long day of adventuring.

Music In Games

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