How do Pokemon evolve in Pokemon Go Update:

July 11, 2016
Added introduction to Stardust and Candy.

What are Stardust and Candy?

All Pokemon carries stardust. You can get stardust as a Trainer level up reward or if you catch a Pokemon. You will be needing this for you to increase your Pokemon's CP (Combat Power) if you want to battle against other trainers in a Gym.

You can get candies from Pokemons too but the difference will be, candies are specific to a Pokemon you've caught. For example, you caught a Pidgey, you will get 100 stardust and 3 Pidgey Candies. These candies that you receive is needed to evolve your Pidgey to Pidgeotto.

The question will be, how many candies do you need to evolve your Pokemon? Now, it depends on the type and rarity. It can only be 10 candies of that Pokemon to 400 or more! Another reason for you to catch every Pokemon you see, even if it's a duplicate.

How do Pokemon evolve in Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, every wild Pokemon you will encounter carries a stardust and a specific Pokemon candy. So to evolve a Pokemon, players should complete the whole candies and star dust of a specific species by collecting both of them. Being said, you should be able to catch enough Pokemon (so you can also get their candies) of the same species before you can actually evolve one. And the number of candies will depend on the species of Pokemon, Normal Pokemon will have lower number of candies to collect compared to those of much stronger ones.

Trading Pokemon with other players will not gain you candies, so just catch and hoard specific species you would want to evolve.

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For Example, the beta testers (who have played the game and data-mined some info) have known that to be able to evolve a Caterpie into a Metapod, you will have to catch 10 Caterpies with their candies ofcourse.

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Another one they found is, You will need 20 Tentacools with their candies before you can evolve it into Tentacruel. And that number is more than Tentacruel's Tentacles!

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The last one they have known is how to evolve Magikarp to Gyarados. Just like the photo of Pokemon cards above, You will need 50 Magikarps to evolve it into Gyarados. 50 Magikarps with their candies, that's a lot.


But it will be quite fulfilling when you have evolved your Pokemon. We could say that in this game (Just like A. Saraiva, the user we quoted above), Perseverance is key. For more Pokemon Go news, always tune in here at RockU Mediacraft.

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