If you're the motherly type who enjoys taking care of and spoiling your man, then this app may just be your cup of tea!

Goodroid Inc. is a Japanese mobile app developer that creates strange games for Android and iOS, including one that's called Moyashibito (Beansprout People), which revolves around planting, taking care of, and harvesting weird beansprouts with faces. The aforementioned app is surprisingly well-received and has been released in different languages including English, Korean, and Chinese.

In 2015, the company released an otome app called Watashi no Himo-otoko ~Ikemen Hiroimashita~ which translates to "My Freeloader~I Picked Up An Ikemen~".

According to Yahoo! Ask, the term "himo-otoko" has the following meaning.

女性に生活するためのお金を稼いでもらって 自分は全く家事も仕事も何もしない情けない部類の男の事です。 (A pathetic type of man who never does any house chore, doesn't work, and refuses to do anything at all. He relies on the woman to work for his sake.)

Now, what's this game all about, you ask?

One day after work you run into a homeless ikebum on the street and decide to take him home like your pet. He ends up being a freeloader in your house but after all the kindness you give him, he falls in love with you. Feeling bad that he’s a freeloading loser, he decides to man up and get a job to be your ideal ikemen.

Watashi no Himo-Otoko features only one male character named Yuuto Kanzaki that you have to take care of.

Gameplay is very simple, as you only have to take out his trash, clean his room, and talk to him every once in a while. It's just like one of those pet-raising apps!

Once you've reached the first ending, you can change his clothes and hairstyle, as well as his personality to form your very own boyfriend. From then on, he'll have a change of heart and finally decide to search for a job.

There are several available personalities such as "cool boyfriend", "enchanting boyfriend", "foul-mouthed boyfriend", "wild boyfriend", and finally...

...the yandere (possessive) type that some women go crazy about.

If you choose to keep Yuuto as your in house pet instead of supporting his dreams to find a job again... He turns into a yandere ,、('∀) ‘`,、

Lesson learned: never keep anyone alone in a house for a long time without giving him a chance for growth and development, unless you want him to turn into an obsessed maniac!

"Don't go anywhere, okay?"

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