There's a ton of theories surrounding the original Pokemon games. People have been wondering where the original Red, Blue, and Green take place in the continuity of the Pokemon universe. Is there a possibility that they occur even before the first season of the anime? If this is true, could the same be said for Pokemon Go?

The Theory About Red, Blue, and Green

In the continuity of the Pokemon universe, there is an anime known as Pokemon Origins. In it, we meet a young boy named Red from the Kanto region (same place where Ash lives). With the obvious clue of the word "Origins" in the title, Red's story would have to take place before Ash's.

It is in the original three games that we take control of Red, and lead him on his journey. At the beginning of his journey, he is told by Professor Oak that there are 149 Pokemon to scan with the Pokedex. It isn't until Ash's journey that two more are even mentioned.

Pokemon Go Theory

If you've already begun playing Pokemon Go, you are familiar with this man. His name, if you are not familiar, is Professor Willow. He is this professor that gives you your first few Pokeballs, and gives you a choice between the three typical starter Pokemon.

Here are a few points as to why it is theorized that Go takes places before the original games:

- There have yet to be 151 Pokemon discovered yet.

- Weakening Pokemon before capture is not yet a thing

- Some suggest Professor Willow is the Ice-type Gym Leader from Pokemon Gold/Silver. In the Japanese titles, Pryce's name is "Yanagi," which is Japanese for Willow.

- Another point users have made is the same color hair, stance, and look of determination between Professor Willow and Gym Leader Pryce.

Additional Point to this Pokemon Go Theory

There are many more points than just the similarities between Pryce and Professor Willow.

Battles with Pokemon are relatively primitive, consisting of simply throwing out a Razz Berry and then tossing a ball to increase the chances of catching a Pokemon. There is also the lack of trading, which fits the theory, because the machines made for it have yet to be invented.

Other theories suggest that Pokemon Go may take place in the future. But, since Niantic has already confirmed later introduction of Gen 2, that's not possible. I have to admit, though, it would be cool if it took place in the future.

Final Statement

I'm all for the theory of Go taking place before Red's adventures. It would explain quite a bit about the game. And who wouldn't love to participate in the evolution of the Pokemon universe as a whole? How do you feel about the theories presented? What are your theories? Let us know in the comments!

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