Tokaido is a popular board game about traveling during the Edo Period in Japan. Passport Game Studios in collaboration with Funforge are going to bring a beautifully-created port to iOS and Android.

Tokaido will let you play against an AI, local, and multiplayer. It has the capabilities of playing against 5 via pass and play. A combination of human or AI players is also an option. Players can choose a short game via one-way trip from Kyoto to Edo or a longer roundtrip to Kyoto.

The game is all about the journey. Players make a stop from various stations where they can buy souvenirs, meet people, and more. They can also enjoy the Tokaido landscape by zooming in and out.

Tokaido or Tokaido Road (East Sea Road) is one of the most important routes connecting Kyoto to Edo (now called Tokyo).

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