Tokyo Ghoul Re: Invoke is the newest installment of the hit manga series Tokyo Ghoul on iOS and Android devices. The game was launched on March 13, 2017. It is now available for download in App Store and Play Store Japan.

The story of the game follows closely the events in the manga and anime.

Tokyo Ghoul Re: Invoke is a JRPG where you can form a strong team of Ghouls with/or Doves (Investigators) in finishing quests inside the game. Re: Invoke also has a Gacha System where players can pull the best units available for a limited time.

A system where you can create your own Ghoul or Dove is also available in the game. You can pick a type you want present in the window. Increasing your unit's attributes and overall performance is also featured in the game.

Here are a bunch of tips, tricks, guides and a handful menu translations for English Players out there.

Special thanks to Game8 and Gaym for the guide's information! 

Tokyo Ghoul Re: Invoke Beginners Guide:


Pulling the strongest unit available is highly recommended. Currently, there are a few strong units available in the Gacha Store today. Units are classified into three types: SSR, SR and R. Pull rates are as follows:

• SSR - 3%
• SR - 27%
• R -  70%

As written above, SSR units are the strongest ones. There are only 3 SSR units at the time of the game's launchLet's wait for the next limited units in upcoming updates.

Note: A Single pull costs 5 Jewels while Multi-Pulls cost 40. A gacha ticket is also available in the game where you can pull special units.

Save your User and Transfer ID

Before you go ahead and continue the game, do not forget to save a copy (or screenshot) of your User and Transfer IDs. You will need this in the future for reference and account authentication. If forgot to SS, you can still access it in the Menu by clicking the three bar icon in the upper right of your screen. Check the sample image below.

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Create your Own Avatar:

After finishing the tutorial stage, you will now create your own avatar. This might be in the form of a Ghoul or an Investigator. Your created avatar will be an SR unit.

Players will have a chance to pick a gender, type and can even give a name to this original unit.

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source: Tokyo Ghoul re:Invoke | (c) Bandai Namco, annotated by RockU Mediacraft

There are three types of character units in the game: Attacker, Defender and Breaker.

Unit Types (Ghoul & Investigator) :

Note: Information provided in this part might change.

Type | Ghoul:

Note: Information provided in this part might change.

Type | Quinque / Investigator’s Weapon:

Note: Information provided in this part might change.

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