When you're sad and lonely, who's always there to spend time with you with no alibis, no compromises, no conditions at all?

You got it right--Voltage dudes! These are the men of your dreams: charming, caring, strong and daring, but also have weaknesses and bad habits that make them seem human.

All romanceable boys from any Voltage Inc. otome game have good and not-so-attractive points, depending on your likes and dislikes in a man. Some of you may like the tsundere type, who appears rough and stern on the outside, but is just concealing his sweet spot, or the "prince-type", who's perfect in every way, but is actually secretly bad at something. Regardless of your preference in men, here's a roundup of the most popular guys from Voltage games!

(And for our male readers, get a lowdown on what makes these boys the best if you want to win an otome's heart!)

10. Haruki Tanemura

"Dreamy Days in West Tokyo" follows the female protagonist's daily life when she decides to return to her hometown after 10 years. You had to move to another city due to your parents' job, but after a decade, you go back to Kichijoji and unexpectedly reunite with your childhood pals: five boys who have all grown up to be bishounen (good-looking guys)!

Haruki is your warm and friendly childhood friend. His family owns a flower shop and he has a younger sister named Sae. She deeply loves her brother. He has a fan club at school and is also a member of the Judo club.

Haruki made it to our top 10 because he's the game's Mr. Nice Guy--sweet, selfless, likes studying, and is keen on arts. However, some otome fans immediately got bored of his story because he's just too nice.

It got to a point where the story could not develop anymore. To tell a story, you need conflict and because this dude is just too nice for the whole thing, it was just really boring.

9. Shuichiro Momoi

In "Finally, In Love Again", you are a 34-year-old single pastry chef whose past relationship ended 10 years ago. One day you meet five boys at a singles' party and you decide to take another chance at love.

Shuichiro, the head pastry chef at a bakeshop, is the confident and conceited type. Though he has a bad mouth, he's very passionate about his career and once he learns to trust you, he'll open up and show his affectionate side. Age may somehow pose as a conflict in this relationship since he's 9 years younger than you. Will you give your heart to a less matured, brusque man?

8. Masaomi Hibiya

"Serendipity Next Door" tells about your life as an office lady who lives in an apartment complex. To your surprise, all the other tenants are hot and very much available!

Masaomi is a famous 28-year-old musician who moves into the apartment room next to yours. Are you going to let yourself fall in love with your celebrity neighbour?

He isn’t super talkative, and he doesn’t smile very often. However, Voltage made Masaomi different from their other “cool” characters by …making him a little ditzy. He is directionally challenged and can’t read maps even if his life depended on it (but as a celebrity, he can probably afford a chauffeur, right?) His daily diet (before he meets MC) consists of nutritional supplement bars.

7. Johji Chakura

If you're more into older men, then you gotta meet history buff Johji from "Dreamy Days in West Tokyo". He was your first love before you moved out of your hometown with your parents. An over protective lover, he often treats you like a kid.

6. Ren Shibasaki

In "My Forged Wedding", you move to Tokyo fresh out of college to start a career. Your uncle has an offer for a not-so-typical job--pretending to be the fiancee of one of his friends.

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