God Eater: Resurrection is about to prove that not all remakes are considered equal. Veteran players of God Eater Burst will recognize the storyline, but are about to experience it in a whole new way. We've got the scoop on the hottest new additions to the game.

1. Next-Gen Graphics Upgrade

Left to right: Screenshots from original God Eater Burst and remake God Eater: Resurrection.

One of the most obvious changes would be the massive environment rework. With the vibrant contrast of the evening shadows dancing on the ruins of the city, to the intricate details of rubble and debris scattered among the battlefield, it feels like a spectacular painting come to life. 

Last, but certainly not the least, the interface. Take note of the smooth frame each object provides, gracefully mirroring the color swatch of the game. Party member slots have been upgraded to fit closer together beneath the HP bar for a compact, yet functional feel. Combine each of these with the orchestral background music, and you've got yourself an awe-inspiring work of living, digital art.

2. New "Predator Style" Combat Mode

Predator Style introduces violent new ways to gore your enemies. In addition to the original Devour, we get Quick Devour, Step Devour, and Air Devour. You are awarded new styles as you progress through the game. 

Quick Devour is an instant attack, and can be activated from a neutral position on the ground. Step Devour links moves together when performed during or after a step. Air-Predator function allows you to perform combos during a jump. For the first time, you can slay from above! You can also customize each of these styles to have additional abilities with single-ability Control Units.

Styles are also available through DLC. To date, there have been 2 packs offered: Predator Pack and Predator Pack 2

3. Tougher Enemies

Not only have the Aragami been given a graphic do-over, they've been given new attacks, too. This means that even veterans can feel like it's the first time all over again. New attacks may beg the player to come up with fresh strategies to defeat their opponent, balancing and working with their party members to achieve victory. While most classic Aragami have completely new attack powers, some have attacks based on the Aragami of God Eater 2.

4. Bonus Story

Ressurection isn't just a remake. It's got extra story which takes place after the events of God Eater Burst, connecting it with God Eater 2. Not that we really needed an excuse to play the sequel, mind you. The bonus footage just makes the transition from game-to-game that much smoother. 

5. Create Your Character

The characters are beautifully rendered, and can be extensively customized to the player's desire. From choosing hair styles and eye color, to face shape and skin color, it boasts a unique personal touch, rarely found in other RPG titles. Although some customization was introduced in BurstResurrection offers more options to adorn your avatar with, including eyewear and accessories. 


And that's about it. For God Eater fans, this is definitely a must have, most especially if you skipped the original game. 

However, this is also a good game for those who want some action RPG, or just in case you've been missing out on Monster Hunter, which is not on the PlayStation software anymore.

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