It's the holidays! What perfect time to play video games other than the holidays, right? We've searched out the Steam store for you guys and created a list of best indie games that you should try this holiday season.

1. OneShot

OneShot was first created way back in RPGMaker 2003. Then it was remade for Steam with better graphics, art, and story. It features a child named Niko who wakes up in a mysterious world with a mission to restore its sun. It's very interesting and mind-blowing as it's filled with puzzles that you have to solve using very unique ways. We recommend it to people who want to play a retro-style top down adventure game with tons of puzzles and secrets to unlock.


2. We Happy Few

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We Happy Few is an indie action/adventure game with a very interesting story. The game is still under "Early Access" which means there are still some changes here and there. The game is set in a retrofuturistic city that looks like an alternative 1960's England. The people that live there need to take their "Joy" pill regularly otherwise they'll be sent down to the "Garden". The game has a "basic need" feature where you need to fill your character's needs like hunger, thirst, sleep, etc. to survive. You can also interact with other people in the game, receive secret in-game quests and events, and even craft items. The way to play the game totally depends on how you like it. You can either choose to go stealth or fight your way through everyone.


3. The Butterfly Sign

2016 12 25 04 11 36 the butterfly sign

The Butterfly Sign is a beautiful game. It's an indie action-adventure game with a detective type of story that was released last December 14th. You take the role of Jack,  the only survivor after a massive incident in Memority Asylum. Journey through Jack's mind as he retraces his steps to learn more about what really happened in the asylum. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4. It is still in the "improvement" process so there's still some bugs and optimization problems, but the story and its realistic visuals are totally worth playing it.


4. Hyper Light Drifter

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