Have you noticed how romanceable male characters in otome games are all bishounen type? Most of them tend to have slim figures and cool-looking hairstyles that resemble those of idol group members.

Unlike in the West where you'll receive more attention from women the more buff you become, men who have slender frames, soft skin, and spotless faces make Japanese girls go crazy. However, some ladies also have an eye for beefy men. That is where this brand new otome game comes in.

The Game

Kinniku Paradise (Muscle Paradise) is a free-to-play mobile app by Genius LLC., a Japanese game developer that specializes in dating sims for Android and iOS devices. They have also localized several otome games such as Grim's Princess and Midgard Love, so you can expect this strange romance app to be released in English too!

The Story

You are an employee at a sporting goods company called "Makila" where your boss named MTK (Muscle Teacher Kira) is a middle-aged shades-wearing gym junkie.

At the company you meet three weedy guys and choose one to train on a journey where you’ll cultivate not only his muscles, but also your relationship. It’s not enough to be good – he has to be the best! Can you push his muscles past the limits?! Just how far can the protagonist’s love push things?!

The Guys

After reading through the prologue, you are required to choose one out of three guys to focus on.

The 22-year-old Kenta Tachibana works in the sales department, but also belongs to the baseball club. He is described as a reckless, hotblooded, simple fool who's actually the protagonist's childhood friend. For those who like the tsundere (cold and stern outside, sweet and caring on the inside) type, he might be the one for you!

Ryuuto Shinomiya is a 30-year-old head of the human resources department, who's also fond of soccer. His description says that people tend to get scared of him because of his cold, unemotional personality. He's egotistical and possesses a "dark heart".

So, if you're into the Do-S (very sadistic) type of men, you'll probably like Ryuuto!

A 25-year-old basketball club member who works in the production department, Arashi Naruse is known for his idol group member-like good looks. He is a spoiled brat and gets elated easily when he receives praises. If you're the kind who falls for celebrities, Arashi might be your man!


Aside from its visual novel gameplay, there are three mini-games available in the app: muscle massage, muscle beating (where you have to tap on your chosen guy's body multiple times to make him as brawny as possible), and muscle quiz.

The game will also take you to different places and you can go on dates with your trainee.

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