Valkyrie Connect is a mobile RPG adventure game by Ateam Inc. It was initially released in Japan on June 2016 and it hit the Japanese charts with ease. Following its success, it also debuted on the US, Canada, and Australia after a few months for an English version.

As of this writing, Valkyrie Connect has the perfect 5 star ratings out of 60 respondents on the App Store and 4.8 stars out of 1,878 ratings. An impressive score for the team behind a free mobile RPG adventure game, Valkyrie Connect.

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Valkyrie Connect: Beginners Guide

Valkyrie Connect: Using the Attack Skill

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Valkyrie Connect doesn't require you to press buttons to aim and attack your opponents. Enjoy watching them do it for you! You better keep an eye on their Attack Skills though. Tap it to unleash the character's unique skill. 

Valkyrie Connect: Limit Burst Combo

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Just like your Attack SkillLimit Burst charges over time. Aside from the cool mini animation you will get to watch, you can also do a Limit Burst Combo. You can unlock this if you have two or more characters with the same Limit Burst Skill. The more characters with the same Limit Burst the more devastating the attack will be.

Choosing the right characters and allies in your party can be a factor on having a Limit Burst Combo.

Valkyrie Connect: Feeling Lazy or Farming

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If you're feeling lazy or just want to farm, feel free to use the x2 button to make the characters breeze through battles and the Auto button to also use Attack Skills automatically.

Buttons like these will make leveling up easier for you, just in case you're at work or in school.

Valkyrie Connect: Strong Mercenaries

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Hiring Mercenaries or getting allies is free. Make sure to choose the strongest from the bunch. It will greatly affect your Quest outcome. They can lend you their strength and skill for you to defeat bosses and other monsters.

Valkyrie Connect: Getting 5★ Characters

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Did you just pull a 1★ character? Don't worry, you can promote your characters until 5★! You can do that by promoting them and reforging their gears. You can also collect Orbs from quests to increase their base stats. 

As of this writing, Valkyrie Connect is available in the US, Canada, and Australia on iOS and Android. No need to worry as ATeam Inc will be expanding to different regions soon!

Aren't you excited to play this 3D Chibi animated mobile game? We know you are!

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