Voltage Inc. is known around the globe as the fairy godmother of otome fans, granting their deepest desires by producing sweet stories catered to women in a wide variety of themes including school/work relationships, romance with celebrities/esteemed men/thieves/fantasy creatures/princes/butlers... and so on. It seems that the team can think of any setting or situation and turn it into otome paradise!

The rising popularity of this genre reached its peak with Voltage Inc.'s development of mobile otome games that since then has given fans easy access to their "fantasy boyfriends". It gives off the feeling that they are there for you whenever you need them.

Popular Titles

Released on 29th July, 2011, "Pirates in Love" is the very first Voltage game to be translated overseas, starting the "Romance Sims" series of the company. The main protagonist accidentally becomes a member of an all-male pirate group called "Sirius" and joins them on exciting adventures in the sea.

What will you reap at the end? Blinding treasure? Or sweet love?!

"Be My Princess" took the world on storm when it was first released on 6th June, 2012 in English. The story follows a young female fashion designer who, one day, lands an opportunity to meet the princes from different kingdoms at a royal event. As she interacts with them, she learns more about each prince's personal life. Eventually, a mutual affection between her and the prince she fancies most develops and they have to go against all odds together.

One day, you, the heroine, are suddenly told that you are the daughter of the prime minister. Not only that, but a mysterious entity has threatened the prime minister, and your life is at stake. To protect you from harm, you will be assigned your very own 24-hour personal bodyguard! The bodyguards to choose from each have their own distinct personality - and are all extremely handsome.

Samurai Love Ballad

A samurai love story novel app called "Tenka Touitsu - Koi no Ran" (Unification: Love's Rebellion/Love War) was released in April 2014 for Japanese otome fans. It was later on released worldwide as "Sakura Amidst Chaos".

The visual novel was so well-received that Voltage decided to turn it into a social app with the title "Samurai Love Ballad", which became available for Android and iOS on 8th December, 2015.

There is a huge gap between [the release days of the two versions] (2009 for novel type and 2014 for social type), therefore, the quality of CGs look different.

Love [B]allad app received a lot of attention from Tokyo Game Show 2015. The TV ad [for] Love ballad attracted a lot of attention and the characters of the app have become [fan] favorite[s] in most of Voltage recent events.

On 29th December, 2015, Voltage officially started a pre-registration campaign for the social app's English release as "Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY". Signing up for it gets you exclusive items in "Be My Princess", "My Forged Wedding: PARTY", and other games by the same publisher.

The campaign ended this Monday (8th February) which gave Voltage fans ample time (almost two months!) to earn some extra bonus when the game is released.

Warp to Sengoku Era

★Samurai Love Ballad: PARTY is now available for iOS & Android!★ Join us in the world of Sengoku Japan for danger, intrigue...and of course, romance!

On the same day of the game's release, an otome fan posted her impressions on the game.

As usual, when it comes to historical otome games, you will see Oda Nobunaga. Usually, seeing that would turn me off. However, after playing the opening, I would say I love it.

Mighty men such as princes and samurais are often the stars of otome games. This may seem cliche, but one of the things I like about this is that each character's strengths and weaknesses are shown the further you go, which makes them appear to be more like real people and less like "fantasy boys" whether they're a strong and able pirate or a lowly butler.

What do you think of Voltage Inc.'s efforts to spread the otome fever worldwide?

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